P303 4-Tel 303 Fri 30 Oct C4 21:01:41    Preview    TFI FRIDAY  18.00-19.00 Friday  Repeated 23.35-00.40 Friday Chris Evans swaps his DJ headphones for the presenter's desk for another hour of conversation, comedy and live music. He is joined this week by Dallas bad boy JR Ewing, aka actor Larry Hagman, and glamour model and television host Melinda Messenger. The live music in the studio this week comes from Elvis Costello and America's greatest rock band, REM. TFI Friday is sponsored by Irn Bru  NICAM stereo 0/5 Subtitles Films Brookside Right2Reply
P303 4-Tel 303 Fri 30 Oct C4 21:00:00    Preview New    STREETMATE   21.30-22.00 Friday Have you ever fancied somebody, but lacked the courage to tell them? If so, Davina McCall could help, as she plays matchmaker in this new ten-part series. She scours the country in search ow single people and tries to find them the perfect partner for a date - and then asks them afterwards how it went. In the opener, Davina visits Brighton and Manchester. Will she be able to find anyone willing to take part and, if so, how will they get on? 888 subtitles  NICAM stereo  3/5 Subtitles Films Brookside Right2Reply
P303 4-Tel 303 Fri 30 Oct C4 21:01:11    Preview    FRASIER  Travels with Martin  22.00-22.30 Friday NICAo In this week's repeated episode of the Seattle shrink sitcom, Frasier, Niles, Martin and Daphne embark on a dangerous road trip, which could end in disaster for Daphne. Sponsored b| Ericcson EUROTRASH 22.30-23.05 Friday This week's helping of Eurosilliness features a transsexual beauty contest taking place in Rome, and Rattlesnake Jane, who is one of the pioneers in body modification. Plus, busty vixen Lolo Ferrari visits a supermarket.  Both with 888 subtitles 4/5 Subtitles Films Brookside Right2Reply
P303 4-Tel 303 Fri 30 Oct C4 21:01:30    Preview new    HARRY HILL   23.05-23.35 Friday Big-collared funnyman Harry Hill, the man who brought "Calhlla Parker-Bowles: The Musical" to our TV screeos, returns to Channel 4 tonight for a new series of his award-winning comedy programme. Coming back to our screens are Bupt Kwouk, big brother Alan Hill, Stouffer the Cat, and little Alan Hill. Joining Tasmin Archer Badger ad Gareth Southgate Badger this time is Lichael Owen Badger, and the opening show also features Mystic Meg and Little & Large. 888 subtitles  NICAM stereo  5/5 Subtitles Films Brookside Right2Reply
P303 4-Tel 303 Fri 30 Oct C4 21:00:04    Preview    GARDEN DOCTORS   20.00-20.30 Frida| Week two of the new series sees Paul Thompson and Anne-Marie Powell in Lewisham, where they help to transform a communal garden into an oasis of calm, with a terrace, aromatic p÷aots and English and African influences. FRIENDS 21.00-21.30 Friday NICAM In The One with the Free Porn, Ross tells Elily that he loves her - but her response isn't the one he wants to hear. Meanwhile, Chandler and Joey are somehow getting free porn on their TV.  Both with 888 subtitles 5/5 Subtitles Films Brookside Right2Reply