P162 Teletext 165 Oct30 21:01:01          ————————————————  ————————   BANGS AND WHIMPERS  If you're in the mood to party with Halloween and Guy Fawkes mere days away, make sure it's just the nights you set alight - not the wildlife. Every year, hundreds of animals die and many pets get so scared by the loud noises and sudden lights they run away from home. It's a major problem that could be solved if party-makers took a few simple preventative measures. ——————————————————————————————————1/5—— by Bernadette Carroll HANG OUT 'JTH GREEN SCENE p160 Fashion Recipe TV On Stage
P162 Teletext 165 Oct30 21:00:10          ————————————————  ————————   BANGS AND WHIMPERS  The Wildlife Trusts believe you can celebrate Halloween and Guy Fawkes nights in style, without wrecking the environment. Make sure you check for hedgehogs in and around the bonfire site. They tend to nest in the leaves and twigs you plan to burn. If you're setting off fireworks, collect the debris. Animals may chew on these and get sick as a result. ——————————————————————————————————2/5—— Fun and Games 150 Bamboozle 152 APRICOT AND CHOCOLATE CAKE p164 Fashion Recipe TV On Stage
P162 Teletext 165 Oct30 21:02:00          ————————————————  ————————   BANGS AND WHIMPERS  If you're burning a fire, make sure you keep it under control and never leave it unattended. It takes only a second for fire to spread and cause vast amounts of damage. When you do leave the fire, douse it with water. If you're having an outdoor feast, clear up after you. Animals can choke and die on small items of rubbish you leave behind, such as plastic bags. ——————————————————————————————————3/5—— Your Total Entertainment guide 400 GOVT PLANS - JUST HOT AIR? p161 Fashion Recipe TV On Stage
P162 Teletext 165 Oct30 21:01:01          ————————————————  ————————   BANGS AND WHIMPERS  Pets loathe Halloween and Guy Fawkes, warns the RSPCA, which is appealing to owners to take their pets' fears into consideration. Keep your cats and dogs indoors on both nights — fireworks are often let off on Halloween too. Close curtains so pets can't see bright lights and put on gentle music to blot out the racket. Give them lots of attention to distract them. ——————————————————————————————————4/5—— Land on Planet Sound 480 ANIMALS: VICTIMS OF FASHION? p163 Fashion Recipe TV On Stage
P162 Teletext 165 Oct30 21:01:00          ————————————————  ————————   BANGS AND WHIMPERS  Rabbits and guinea pigs should either be put in the shed or taken indoors with you. Livestock should be locked in stables. Do not tether horses as the tether can cause serious injury if the horse jumps in fright. If you've got a fishpond, keep it covered on bonfire night with grating chicken wire to prevent stray firworks falling in. ——————————————————————————————————5/5—— e-mail: greenscene@teletext.co.uk WRITE TO: GREEN SCENE, PO BOX 297, LONDON SW6 1XT. FAX:0171 386 5618 Fashion Recipe TV On Stage