P141 Teletext 141 Oct30 21:00:10       —————————————————————————————  THE ICE IS RIGHT!  Anyone can walk or run, but playing hockey on ice is a whole new experience says Richard Boprey, marketing director of Knights In The Community. "By playing ice hockey you develop your stride, power skating, learn the best ways to cut (turn left or right) and pivot (skate backwards)," says Richard. "There's a lot of body checking and it's fairly dangerous, but the training prepares you for that," he adds. ——————————————————————————————————3/5—— All Saints exclusive! 145 TRUDY LAYS INTO GERI! p144 'Zine Travolta Geri Green
P141 Teletext 141 Oct30 21:06:05       —————————————————————————————  THE ICE IS RIGHT!  Ice hockey is thriving because it's "fast, physical, and indoors", says ex-professional player Richard Boprey. "There are more ice rinks than ever. We have to maximise what ice there is," says Richard. "You can try it out before splashing out on the equipment. "Sticks range from £10 to £40, skates are around £100 a pair and a helmet with visor £60 to £70. You can buy used gear cheaper though," says Richard. ——————————————————————————————————5/5—— For more info on Knights In The COMMUNITY CALL 0171 536 2600 'Zine Travolta Geri Green
P141 Teletext 141 Oct30 21:01:00       —————————————————————————————  THE ICE IS RIGHT!  Get your skates on and puck-er up for Britain's fastest, coolest team sport - ice hockey. Professional ice hockey team the London Knights are encouraging young people to get in the rink with their new Knights In The Community roadshow, offering coaching to the players of the future. As it is the fastest-growing indoor spectator sport in the country, Club straps on its blades to find out more. ——————————————————————————————————1/5—— by Fiona Sandiford WHO DOES GERI THINK SHE IS? p144 'Zine Travolta Geri Green
P141 Teletext 141 Oct30 21:00:01       —————————————————————————————  THE ICE IS RIGHT!  Ice hockey isn't actually that new to the UK, says Richard Boprey, a former professional player and the marketing director for Knights In The Community. "It was popular in the 0840s and 1950s but there wasn't enough interest from young people to sustain the game and its popularity waned," says Richard. "Now there's a great opportunity for youth ice hockey to really get going, and it is definitely on the rise." ——————————————————————————————————2/5—— All Saints' Shaznay chat 145 SHE TOOK ME BY SURPRISE p146 'Zine Travolta Geri Green
P141 Teletext 141 Oct30 21:00:00       —————————————————————————————  THE ICE IS RIGHT!  Ice hockey's the fastest team sport in the world and there's never a dull moment during a match, says ex-professional player Richard Boprey. "There are 20 players on a team, but just six on the rink at once. Players are on for around 40 seconds at a time until the whistle goes and they're off! "It's a very demanding game and you need a lot of stamina. But it's growing in popularity all the time." he adds. ——————————————————————————————————4/5—— Is Geri genuine? 144 A bend in need 146 TOTAL ENTERTAINMENT p400 'Zine Travolta Geri Green