P114 Teletext 116 Oct30 21:00:00  FRIDAY  20.30-22.00 30.10. 20.30 BROOKSIDE Jimmy's future looks bleak in light of Susan's claim that he molested her S N 21.00 FRIENDS Ross pours out his heart to girlfriend Emily, but is unprepared for her reaction S N 21.30 STREETMATE New series. Davina McCall pairs up lonely hearts in Brighton and Manchester S N 22.00 ——————————————————————————————————1/3—— Subtitle guide 119 Club 140 140 LOANS & MORTGAGES CALL BRUNSWICK NOW ON   SEE PAGE 618 NOW FOR SPECIAL OFFERS C5 BBC2 ITV C4 Tomorrow
P114 Teletext 110 Oct30 21:01:01  FRIDAY  22.00-00.40 30.10. 22.00 FRASIER Repeat Daphne takes a road trip with Frasier S N 22.30 EUROTRASH A Rome beauty contest for outrageous transsexuals S 23.05 HARRY HILL New series of offbeat humour with the oddball comedian and his peculiar family S N 23.35 TFI FRIDAY Repeat Including music by REM and Elvis Costello 00.40 ——————————————————————————————————2/3—— Now & Next 120 Frank's Love Stars 418 WHATEVER YOU'RE LOOKING FOR, FIND IT EASILY 'JTH VIRGIN NET. Call us free on 0500 558800,and we'll give you a free Internet starter pack and a free month's trial to get you off to a flying start.  CALL 0500 558800 OR SEE PAGE 381 ITV C5 BBC2 ITV C4 Tomorrow
P114 Teletext 116 Oct30 21:01:00  SATURDAY  00.40-05.30 31.10. 00.40 NOBODY DOES IT BETTER: THE MUSIC OF JAMES BOND Repeat Celebration of 007-related soundtracks S N 01.40 FILM: THE INNOCENTS (1961) Chiller. Deborah Kerr BW S 03.30 FILM: THE ROCKING HORSE WINNER (1949) Drama starring John Mills and Valerie Hobson BW S 05.10 HOME TO ROOST Domestic comedy S 05.40 S=Subtitles 888 N=NICAM stereo ——————————————————————————————————3/3—— TV Plus USA 116 The Sci-Files 117 ANY PURPOSE LOANS - SEE PAGE 627 FAST SECURED AND UNSECURED PERSONAL LOANS £2,000 - £250,000 AND NON-STATUS MORTGAGES/REMORTGAGES SEE PAGE 627 OR  PHONE FREE NOW  WILMSLOW FINANCE 24HRS 7 DAYS A WEEK C5 BBC2 ITV C4 Tomorrow