P673 Teletext 673 Oct23 21:01:00       GAME PREVIEWS ————————————————————————— NEO GEO POCKET At the recent Tokyo Game Show, SNK unveiled the much- heralded Neo Geo Pocket. Based upon the expensive "elite" games console which flopped in Europe and the US, the black and white Pocket will be available from importers from the end of this month. It features its own control stick, as opposed to the usual hand-held button pad, and comes in a choice of colours — Platinum White, Platinum Silver, Camouflage Brown, Marble Blue, Platinum Blue, Carbon Black, Camouflage Blue and Crystal White. Excessive? Yes. ——————————————————————————————————1/4—— It's Total Entertainment! 400 EASIER TO TACKLE THAN JONAH LOMU GO TO VIRGIN NET ITV p381 Hot topic Tips Club 140 Sci Fi
P673 Teletext 673 Oct23 21:00:00       NEO GEO POCKET PREVIEWS ——————————————— THE KING OF FIGHTERS R-1 Does for King Of Fighters what Virtua Fighter Kids did for Virtua Fighter — takes familiar characters, swells their heads, and shrivels their bodies. NEO GEO CUP '98 A quirky football game in which success brings financial rewards, which are used to purchase power-ups and special moves for your team members. MELON-CHAN A virtual pet-type game, in which you nurture and raise a little girl called "Melon". No, really. ——————————————————————————————————2/4—— Meet Thy Worm 196 Nnnnng! 480 BAMBER: "DESTROY THE BAG!" p152 Hot topic Tips Club 140 Sci Fi
P673 Teletext 673 Oct23 21:00:11       NEO GEO POCKET PREVIEWS ——————————————— BASEBALL STARS As the name suggests, a baseball game, albeit with some amusing "super-deformed" players. RENKETSU PUZZLE: TSUNAGE DE PONN! Forget that this is a quirky tile- sliding puzzle game, and laugh loud and hard at the hilarious name. POCKET TENNIS Alas, there are no plans for a Pocket Billiards. CHERRY MASTER Some sort of strange fruit machine simulator. Not expected to be excellent. ——————————————————————————————————3/4—— It's Total Entertainment! 400 THE BOISTEROUS CRONE: p672 Hot topic Tips Club 140 Sci Fi
P673 Teletext 673 Oct23 21:02:00 Interleaf E3-0-List >>>                WIN A NINTENDO 64 0660 60 00 25 WIN N64 GAMES 0660 60 00 26 WIN A SONY PLAYSTATION 0660 60 00 27 WIN £250 CASH 0660 60 00 29 SEE PAGE 622 FOR MORE COMPETITIONS   Touch Tone only. 50p/min. May involve a long call. VTL, Box 7568, WC1N 3XX CHILDREN SEEK PERMISSION BEFORE CALLING Hot topic Tips Club 140 Sci Fi