P524 Teletext 526 Oct23 21:01:01   NEWS  FILE ———————————  ———————————————————————— SALES HANGOVER FOR WHISKY DISTILLER Troubled whisky distiller Burn Stewart Distillers hopes a duty reduction in Taiwan in January will turn the firm's fortunes around after a year of losses. The distiller made a £7.9m loss in the year to end in June, compared with a £3.6m profit last year. Sales slumped to £41.5m, down from £70.1m. Taiwan is to reduce its excise duty, which will cut the cost of a bottle of whisky by £3.20. ——————————————————————————————————————— Financial headlines 500 City index 501 Download and Analyse Share Prices on Your PC See p533-537 Next Shares City Family Finance