P144 Teletext 146 Oct23 21:00:12       —————————————————————————————  SOLDIERING ON!   Butch Meathook and Brick Bazooka? New Hollywood pin-ups? Probably. They're the plastic heroes of new animated blockbuster Small Soldiers. But how did the film makers work with our new moulded heroes? Advantages? No star tantrums - excessive demands and inflated salaries. Disadvantages? Lack of human emotion. Well no, actually. Club spoke to animator Stan Winston on how a plastic army was brought to life. ——————————————————————————————————1/5—— More on Toytown >>> GET ON THE 'ZINE p142 Star Angst TV Plus Green
P144 Teletext 146 Oct23 21:01:10       —————————————————————————————  SOLDIERING ON!   It took a crew of 50 artists five years to complete the details for the 237 toy characters appearing in Small Soldiers. "We consulted toy maker Hasbro who taught us a lot about toy technology," says the film's animator Stan Winston. "We wanted the toys to be advanced action figures but they had to remain toys and have a life of their own. We didn't want to make them lifelike, we just wanted to give them life." ——————————————————————————————————2/5—— More on Toytown >>> GET ON THE 'ZINE p142 Star Angst TV Plus Green
P144 Teletext 140 Oct23 21:03:00       —————————————————————————————  SOLDIERING ON!   "We fitted tiny mechanisms inside the puppets to make them work," says Small Soldiers' animator Stan Winston. "We created four separate puppets for each figure," says Stan. "A stunt version you could throw about without f—lbging the controls, a walking version with external rods, a cable version activated by radio controls and a self-contained version with internal controls." ——————————————————————————————————3/5—— 'Zine Life 142 Another Level 145 RUGBY ON SCHOOLS TOUR p141 Star Angst TV Plus Green
P144 Teletext 146 Oct23 21:01:00       —————————————————————————————  SOLDIERING ON!   OK, so you've assembled your bunch of toy actors on the Small Soldiers set, but how do you bring those plastic faces to life? "Well, the facial expressions were limited," says animator Stan Winston. "Facial movements were generated by state-of-the-art computer imagery." "The problem was the puppets were very stiff while the computer graphics were fluid. We had to match the two up." ——————————————————————————————————4/5—— More on Toytown >>> w RAISING CHAT TO ANOTHER LEVEL p145 Star Angst TV Plus Green
P144 Teletext 146 Oct23 21:00:00       —————————————————————————————  SOLDIERING ON!   Each Small Soldiers puppet required five puppeteers to manoeuvre them around the set. Each puppeteer team had their own monitor on which they could watch the action. "Everyone needed incredible patience to work on the film," says director Joe Dante. "For example, we spent hours just trying to get Chip Hazard to salute without hitting himself in the eye!" ——————————————————————————————————5/5—— 'Zine Life 142 Cosmic News 481 w THOSE BUMPER LUNAR REVIEWS p484 Star Angst TV Plus Green