P141 Teletext 149 Oct23 21:00:40          ——————————————————————————————   TRY, TRY AGAIN!  If a brightly coloured double-decker bus blasting out music with rugby star Lawrence Dallaglio on board trundles up to your local school - don't panic! It's not a wind-up, it's a multi-media experience, complete with web site, video, CD-Rom and digital recording equipment! Isn't education wonderful? What's it all about, Lol? Club chats to the England rugby union captain about taking sport back to school. ——————————————————————————————————1/7—— Why is school unsporting? GET YOURSELF A NEW PAL! p147 'Zine Buddy Soldiers Green
P141 Teletext 141 Oct23 21:01:00          ——————————————————————————————   TRY, TRY AGAIN!  If school won't come to sport any more, then sport must go to the school! That seems to be England rugby union skipper Lawrence Dallaglio's attitude, anyway. Dallaglio this week launches the Lloyds TSB Live! tour bus which will visit 40 schools next summer bringing with it sport, music and drama programmes. The government is backing the plan, aimed at 200,000 11-16 year-olds, especially in inner cities. ——————————————————————————————————2/7—— Rugby for all, says Lawrence! CHECK OUT THE CHARTS P485 'Zine Buddy Soldiers Green
P141 Teletext 149 Oct23 21:00:05          ——————————————————————————————   TRY, TRY AGAIN!  Rugby star Lawrence Dallaglio is off on a tour of schools and local clubs over the next couple of months introducing kids to the joys of rugby. "The problem is not many schools play much sport any more," says Lawrence. "It would be nice for every child to be able to choose which sport to play. "I want to reintroduce sport at grass roots level and make sure our children have the chance to play..." ——————————————————————————————————3/7—— Have a sporty half-term! >>> LANDING ON PLANET SOUND p480 'Zine Buddy Soldiers Green
P141 Teletext 149 Oct23 21:00:11          ——————————————————————————————   TRY, TRY AGAIN!  It's half term next week, but thousands of kids will be out in the fields practising scrums and dropkicks under the watchful eye of Lawrence Dallaglio. Lawrence is joining Martin Bayfield, Mike Catt, Rory Underwood and Paul Grayson on Lloyds TSB Live! scheme taking rugby to local junior clubs. "We're giving out teacher's packs, CD Roms with a double-decker bus going round the country," said Dallaglio. ——————————————————————————————————4/7—— A mis-spent youth? >>> EEK! 'TIS DA 'ZINE SCENE! p142 'Zine Buddy Soldiers Green
P141 Teletext 141 Oct23 21:02:11          ——————————————————————————————   TRY, TRY AGAIN!  Wasps and England RU skipper Lawrence Dallaglio is determined to inspire more children to take up rugby. Lawrence fronts a new Lloyds TSB Live! sport/drama/music educational campaign. "I regularly go into schools and it's always fun. I was speaking to the kids today and they're enthusiastic. It's an ideal opportunity for them to learn about the game, particularly as next year is World Cup year." ——————————————————————————————————5/7—— Lawrence and his mum! >>> WHAT A LOTTA GOSSIP! p143 'Zine Buddy Soldiers Green
P141 Teletext 149 Oct23 21:03:11          —————————————————————————————— P  TRY, TRY AGAIN!  Lawrence Dallaglio's mum was a bit shocked when an eight-year-old Lawrence suddenly announced he was joining a rugby club. "It was before I'd even played the game at school and it raised a few eyebrows from my mother at the time but she's very happy I took it up now! "It was Sunday morning stuff - I played at Staines. They have mini-rugby from 6 or 7 right through to the senior side." ——————————————————————————————————6/7—— Lawrence and his mum! >>> LET'S GET DIGITAL! p670 'Zine Buddy Soldiers Green
P141 Teletext 149 Oct23 21:02:11          ——————————————————————————————   TRY, TRY AGAIN!  For more info on the Lloyds TSB Schools Tour write to: Lloyds TSB Live!, Chapel Row, Queen Square, Bath BA1 1HN. ———— WIN BOARD X GOODIES! ————— The Board X snowboarding festival takes place in London's Battersea Park on Nov 13. We have one skateboard deck up for grabs, courtesy of Sector 9, plus two pairs of tickets and goodies for runners-up. For a chance to win answer this: A clutch is part of a skateboard? True or false? Entries in by Nov 6. ——————————————————————————————————7/7—— 3 winners selected at random Nov 9 Entries on a postcard to Board X/Club Teletext, PO Box 140, London, SW6 1XT 'Zine Buddy Soldiers Green