P116 Teletext 116 Oct23 21:00:10   from   Jessica ———————————————————  Sully ALL IN THE FAMILY MARATHON HIT The US equivalent of Till Death Us Do Part has set a marathon record after an all-night screening. All In The Family's producer Norman Lear chose his favourite 40 shows and broadcast them back-to-back, drawing in a record 29m viewers. Archie Bunker (the US version of Alf Garnett) appeared on the BBC in 1971 and helped inspire spin-off shows Archie Bunker's Palace and Gloria. ——————————————————————————————————————— X-FILES/STAR TREK/GEN INFO 0891 00 2069 T+ Calls cost 50p/min at all times WIN INSTANT CASH p622 Sci-Files Subtitles Now&Next TV index