P673 Teletext 673 Oct16 21:00:00       LITTLE PREVIEWS ——————————————————————— CLASSIQUE French publisher UbiSoft has joined the likes of EA and Virgin and established a budget re-release brand, Classique. The initial line-up of 13 titles could include the likes of Sub Culture and Pod. COMMAND & CONQUER 2: TIBERIAN SUN PC There's still a chance that C&C2 will make it out before the end of 1998 - though don't hold your breath. The game is undergoing last-minute tests, and a few of the levels have yet to be finished. Early 1999 is a more realistic release date. ——————————————————————————————————1/4—— Meet Thy Worm 196 Nnnnng! 480 THE GALACTIC DISTURBER: p671 Hot topic Tips Club 140 Sci Fi
P673 Teletext 673 Oct16 21:01:11       LITTLE PREVIEWS ——————————————————————— Z2 PC Back in the days of the Amiga, the Bitmap Brothers were the Big Boys of the UK games scene. Alas, they faded from public view some years back, following a lukewarm reaction to point and click wargame Z. Nevertheless, GT Interactive has picked up the rights to Z2, due Christmas 1999. GT's publishing director, Marc Swallow, said of the deal: "We believe that The Bitmap Brothers with Z2 have found the publishing home for what is destined to be one of the benchmark titles of next year." But he would. ——————————————————————————————————2/4—— See the musical youths 480 THE ATOMIC CORRUPTOR: p674 Hot topic Tips Club 140 Sci Fi
P673 Teletext 673 Oct16 21:01:00       LITTLE PREVIEWS ——————————————————————— BEATMANIA 2ND MIX PlayStation An eclectic game, to say the least, Beatmania is a DJ simulation, and is doing insane things in Japan. The game, from the usually staid Konami, is compatible with a new DJ turntable-style controller, which plugs into the PlayStation. Players have to mix and match "beats" in a variety of styles, in order to become a master DJ. Konami has no plans to release the game here. A-wiggida wiggida whack! ——————————————————————————————————3/4—— Meet Thy Worm 196 Nnnnng! 480 THE IONIC DEATH CARAVAN: p672 Hot topic Tips Club 140 Sci Fi
P673 Teletext 673 Oct16 21:02:01 Interleaf E3-0-List >>>                WIN A NINTENDO 64 0660 60 00 25 WIN N64 GAMES 0660 60 00 26 WIN A SONY PLAYSTATION 0660 60 00 27 WIN £250 CASH 0660 60 00 29 SEE PAGE 622 FOR MORE COMPETITIONS   Touch Tone only. 50p/min. May involve a long call. VTL, Box 7568, WC1N 3XX CHILDREN SEEK PERMISSION BEFORE CALLING Hot topic Tips Club 140 Sci Fi