P672 Teletext 671 Oct16 21:00:00     THE FIFTH ELEMENT PlayStation—————————— As movies go, The Fifth Element was a great one. If you disagree, you're either wrong or stupid. If you're one of the few people who can't be bothered to wait for Tomb Raider 3, The Fifth Element should fill the hole in you handbag. Roughly following the plot of the film, you control, on alternate levels, the gun-totin' Corben Dallas, or the high- kicking Leeloo, as they attempt to stop The Ultimate Evil from destroying all life. It's a 3D platformer without Tomb Raider's slightly tedious puzzles, man! ——————————————————————————————————1/4—— Teen for two 140 Crumble l| index 670 HN A HOME CINEMA TV p465 Reviews Hot Topic TV Green
P672 Teletext 671 Oct16 21:01:10     THE FIFTH ELEMENT PlayStation—————————— The Fifth Element is a faithful reinterpretation of the movie, and not only because it's interspersed with the requisite movie clips. Familiar locations are well depicted, and have been expanded on, while the enemies have all been lifted directly from the cinema screen. It's more sluggish than the PC version, and the "horizon" is a whole lot closer, but it's still a fair job. Except when bad guys shoot at you before they've appeared on the screen. Which isn't so fair; that's just "job". ——————————————————————————————————2/4—— See the musical youths 480 THE WORM THAT SPAWNED p196 Reviews Hot Topic TV Green
P672 Teletext 671 Oct16 21:01:10      THE FIFTH ELEMENT PlayStation Published by UbiSoft GENRE: 3D platformer  GRAPHICS 7.5  UPPERS SOUND 8.5  Lots of big levels GAMEPLAY 8.0  Some nice graphics PRESENTATION 7.5  Plenty of neat OVERALL 80%  set-pieces  ———————————————————— SUMMARY:  DOWNERS Not as slick as  Occasionally slows the PC version,  right down but still a  Graphics don't go solid 3D  very far into the platformer.  distance  3/4 MONDAY: TOMBI! BAMBER: YOU'RE A BLOW-OFF p152 Reviews Hot Topic TV Green
P672 Teletext 671 Oct16 21:01:01 Advert Review >>>>          WIN A PLAYSTATION 0660 60 0012 WIN PLAYSTATION GAMES 0660 60 0013 WIN £250 0660 60 0014 WIN ENGLAND SOCCER KIT 0660 60 0015 WIN A GAMEBOY 0660 60 0005 SEE PAGE 622 FOR MORE COMPETITIONS  Touch Tone only. 50p lhn. May involve a long call. VTL, Box 7568, WC1N 3XX CHILDREN SEEK PERMISSION BEFORE CALLING Reviews Hot Topic TV Green