P349 4-Tel 349 Fri 16 Oct C4 21:00:11             9/2   Famhly of the Week Channel 4's fun-filled Big Breakwast is currently looking for families to be our —lily of the Week. Every week we invite an outgoing family to come on the show for a week of fun at the Big Breakfast house, where we get to know you, send you on adventures in London, introduce you to the stars and try to lbke your dreams come true. More about being a family... o Big B index Previews C4 toda| Tooorrow
P349 4-Tel 349 Fri 16 Oct C4 21:00:11             0/2   F—lhly of the Week If your family consists of at least four people, are fun-loving, extroverts and have interesting jobs, lobbies ad stories, then you could be just what we are looking for! You'll need to be available for a week, and we'll provide you with travel, accomodation and some spending monry. So if you've got what it takes and you fancy appearing on TV, call Lucy on 0171 512 5064 or Adam on 0171 q12 5172. Big B index Previews C4 tof—| Tomorrow