P330 4-Tel 330 Fri 16 Oct C4 21:01:10       How to get hold of recipes All the latest Late Lunch iformation appears here on 4-Tel page 330. However, if you want to be sent a free copy of a Light Lunch recipe that you missed, just send an SAE to Freepost Lunch (that's the whole address) - your letter won't need a stamp. The Freepost Lunch address is only for recipe requests, not to get lold of tickets for Late Lunch. Come and be on the show... 1/2 Main index C4 Tof—| Tomorrow Previews
P330 4-Tel 330 Fri 16 Oct C4 21:01:00       Make an announcement on television! Late Lunch is looking for people who would love to make an announcement on TV. Is there something special you want to say to someone? For example, "I've got that dream job", "I passed my exams", or "We're having twins". Whatever it is you want to say, and whoever you want to say it to, sa| it first to Late Lunch's Debbie Davies, who is waiting for your call on: 0 1 7 1 5 2 2 4 5 0 3 2/2 Main index C4 Tod—x Tomorrow Previews