P308 4-Tel 308 Fri 16 Oct C4 21:01:03    +%//!// //!//% P R E V I E W 17.05-18.30 Saturd—x 16 October * Susannah makes a drastic decision - will Max support her? * Lindsey gets some startling news * Is Jimmy getting in too deep with pupil Susan Clarke? With 888 subtitles and NICAo {tereo The 4-Tel mbin index is on page ;00 Video details coming up... 1/6 Right0Reply Prewjews )dex C4 Tob—|
P308 4-Tel 308 Fri 16 Oct C4 21:01:00     THE LOST 'FEKEND Barry Grant is back with a vfgeaoce and reunited with his mother Sheila as sinister events conspire to bring the Corkhills and the Grants together again. Old tensions flare as new dramas unfold in The Lost 'fekend. The only way to see what happened during that fateful two j—xs is to watch this exclusive action-packed, cert. 18, feature-length exclusive video. This programme will not be aired on TV until the year 2000 - guaranteed. Details of a version of the video with in-vision subtitles follow... Mail order details coming up... 2/> Right2Reply Previews IndexGC4 Today
P308 4-Tel 308 Fri 16 Oct C4 21:01:01    +%//!//*//!//% THE LOST WEEKEND Brookside - The Lost 'bekend is also available in a version with in-vision subtitles, which can be viewed wit—out the need for a decoder. Copies are available through l—il order for £14.99 (inc. p&p). Orders sdould be sent with paxment (cheques payable to Brookside Productions Ltd) to: Andrew Corrie Mersey Television Campus Manor Childwall Abbey Road Liverpool L16 0JP Merchandise coming up... 3/6 Right2Reply Previews )dex C4 Toda|
P308 4-Tel 308 Fri 16 Oct C4 21:07:11     TOTAL BROOKSIDE To celebrate the show's 16th birthf—|, a new book has just been published. Total Brookside (Geoff Tibballs, Ebury Press, rrp £9.99) is the ultimate guide for all fans. It's a complete guide to the romances, break ups, breakdowos, births, binges, murders, sieges, fires, scams, gnome-thefts and sundry other dramatic evfnts of Brookside Close from the beginning to the present f—|. It contains a comprehensive Who's Who of all the recurring characters since d—x one, plus family trees of the }—jn families. There's also a month by month guide to the entire storyline. And it is available in bookshops now. :/6 Right2Reply Previews )odex C4 Toda|
P308 4-Tel 308 Fri 16 Oct C4 21:00:10    M E R C H A N D I S E Videos available Brookside: The Teenagers £12.99 Brookside: Backstage Tour £12.99 (+ alternative Jordache verdict) Brookside: The Women £12.99 Brookside: The Men £12.99 Make cheques/POs payab÷e to BSS P&P: £1.50 for one, 50p each extra PO Box 6120, London W5 2GJ Websites coming up... 5/6 Right2Reply Previews )dex C4 Toda|
P308 4-Tel 308 Fri 16 Oct C4 21:11:13    W E B S I T E S You can find out more about Brookside in general, or about Hollyoaks, oo the following websites: www.brookie.com www.closeguide.com www.merseytv.com www.hollyoaks.com And, of course, there's Channfl 4's own website at www.channel4.com Brookside preview coming up... ÷/> Right2Reply Previews )dex C4 Toda|