P307 4-Tel 307 Fri 16 Oct C4 21:01:11   C4 FILMS TODAY ON 306     Channel 4 Gtlm preview    MEAN STREETS  22.00-00.05 Saturday  1973 125mins 888  "No matter how bleak (or) heartbreaking ... some films are so beautifully realised they have a...tonic effect that has no relation to subject matter" Martin Scorsese's film superbly evokes the Little Italy of his own childhood, with Harvey Keitel and Robert de oiro starring as two local villains who find themselves in a spiral of violence. Amy Robinson is de Niro's cousin aod Robert Romanus is a doomed punk, in the first entry in a short Martin Scorcese film season on Channel 4. 1/2 Brookside Right2Reply PALplus Previews
P307 4-Tel 307 Fri 16 Oct C4 21:01:01   C4 FILMS TODAY ON 306     Channel 4 Gtlm preview    GUNS OF DARKNESS  01.25-03.20 Late Saturdax  0862 006mins bw 888  David Niven is the star of this South America-set drama, playing a boorish British ex-pat who becomes a most unexpected hero. When a revolution necessitates the swift exit of the president (David Opatushu), Niven and his wife (Leslie Caron) smuggle him across the border. Veteran British director Anthony Asquith is at the helm of this pacy and imaginative drama. 4-Tel m—in index on 300 2/2 Brookside Right2Reply PALplus Previews