P303 4-Tel 303 Fri 16 Oct C4 21:00:30    Preview #    RICKI LAKE  Friday Night Dates  16.15-17.30 Friday It's singles only toj—| as Ricki pla}s Cupid to an audience of people who are all looking for love. At the end of the show, she presents an update to reveal how successful the matchmaking was. TFI FRIDAY 18.00-19.00 Fridax Repeated 23.35-00.35 Friday This week's hour of conversation, lzsic and comedy features actor and siogep Jimmy Nail, blues legend BB King, Eagle Exd Cherpy, E17 and Coronation Street's Tracey Shaw. Sponsored by Irn Bru  Both in NICAM stereo 2/5 Subtitles Films Brookside Shght2Reply
P303 4-Tel 303 Fri 16 Oct C4 21:00:51    Preview    FRIENDS  The One with All the Rugby  21.00-21.30 Friday Chandler isn't too impressed when his former girlfriend Janice, oow diworced turns up and attempts to rekindle their relationship. Meanwhile, Ross agrees to play rsgby with Emily's English chums. SPIN CITY 21.30-22.00 Friday In Single White Male, the failure ow Carter and Stuart's business ÷eaves them both broke, aod they are forced to share an apartment. Meanwhile, Mike and Paul are on the hunt for a rat that has been plaguing Mike's office. Both 888 subtitles/NICAM stereo 3/5 Subtitles Films Brookside Right2Reply
P303 4-Tel 303 Fri 16 Oct C4 21:01:45    Preview    CELEBRITY DEATH MATCH   23.05-23.35 Friday Celebrities tear each other apaxt in the wrestling ring in this animated series. Tonight's bouts ioclude Oasis singer Liam Gallagher versus brother Noel, and Sylvester Stallone agaiost fellow hard man Arnold Schwarzenegger. JO WHILEY 00.35-01.15 Late Friday DJ Jo is joined for a music discussion by comedian Eddie I|zard, Kula Shakex's Crispian Mills and Spice Girl Mel C. For the final show io the series, ÷iwf music comes from Jurassic 5. Repeat  Both with 888 subtitles 5/5 Subtitles Films Brookside Right2Reply
P303 4-Tel 303 Fri 16 Oct C4 21:00:10    Preview    CHANNEL 4 RACING  From Newmarket  13.55-16.00 Friday Brough Scott presents four races, ad looks forward to Saturj—x's action: 14.05 Equity Financial Houghton Stakes 7f 14.35 Darley Stakes 1m 1f 15.10 BEDFORD LODGE HOTEL BENT)oCK STAKES 6F 15.45 NGK Spark Plugs Nursery Handicap Stakes 1m Sponsored by Volkswagen  NICAM stereo 1/5 Subtitles Films Brookside Sight2Reply
P303 4-Tel 303 Fri 16 Oct C4 21:01:21    Preview    FRASIER  Give Him the Chair  22.00-22.30 Friday In this repeated episode of the Seattle shrink comedy, Frasier has pangs of guilt when he manages to lose Martin's beloved chair, and he learns a lesson about sentiment being more yoxortat than style. Sponsored by Ericcson EUROTRASH 22.30-23.05 Friday This week's dose of Eurosilliness includes features on notorious Glnnish superstud Henri Sari, a look at erotic museums in France, and the S'L Stetzls, Germany's first family of fetishism. Both 888 subtitles/NICAM stereo 4/5 Subtitles Films Brookside Right2Reply