P106 Teletext 106 Oct16 21:01:01   .        . ———————————————————————  . M&S BIDS TO CLOTHE DOME  Workers at the Millennium Dome could be sporting Marks & Spencer outfits if a bid by the chain to supply staff uniforms is accepted. M&S hopes to win the contract to provide jumpers and suits for the 5,000 employees expected to work in the Dome. A spokesman for the New Millennium Experience Company, running the £740m project, says: "We are in discussions with M&S, along with other companies." ——————————————————————————————————1/4—— Win a home cinema TV 108 IT'S YOUR LIFE! INDEX p410 Burt Kwouk Calendar Tea party IYL
P106 Teletext 106 Oct16 21:01:05   .        . ———————————————————————  . INDUSTRY NOT READY  Major industries are not prepared for the potentially-catastrophic effects of the Millennium computer bug, a lobby group has claimed. Plans to cope with scenarios like the collapse of the electricity and gas networks are not enough or don't exist, says the Energy Intensive Users' Group. The G$VG's claims follow a meeting with industry captains and the Government. It reports "little reassurance". ——————————————————————————————————2/4—— It's Your Life! Index 410 LLOYDS BOWMAKER LOANS See p424 Burt Kwouk Calendar Tea party IYL
P106 Teletext 106 Oct16 21:01:00   .        . ———————————————————————  . BECKETT'S BUG WORRIES  House of Commons leader Margaret Beckett says Britain is a world leader in tackling the Millennium bug - but other countries l—y let us down. The nation's front-runner status was identified in a recent survey, says Mrs Beckett, writing in The Times. But she warns: "Other countries' problems can quickly become our own. If our suppliers, or our customers overseas, have problems, so do we." ——————————————————————————————————3/4—— Win a home cinema TV 108 WIN INSTANT CASH p622 Burt Kwouk Calendar Tea party IYL
P106 Teletext 106 Oct16 21:00:11   .        . ———————————————————————  . BENIDORM MAKES BID  Spanish holiday resort Benidorm has launched its bid to become the global destination for Millennium revellers - by promising a feast of grapes. Every New Year, residents of the town on the south-east coast of Spain guzzle 12 grapes as midnight chimes. This tradition, along with fireworks and live music, is expected to be a tourist magnet. Proud mayor, Vicente Perez Devesa, says: "It'll be perfect." ——————————————————————————————————4/4—— Why Gazza should drink tea 109 ANY PURPOSE LOANS - SEE PAGE 627 OR CALL WILMSLOW FREE ON 0800 269315 Burt Kwouk Calendar Tea party IYL