P67f Teletext 670 Oct 2 21:23:32       w{  ££ VISION ———————————————————————————————— So there are idiots who are going to import a Dreamcast? Here's some facts: 1) It will cost £1000. 2) You'll need a power converter, about £60. 3) All@|our games will be in a foreign language. :4 You'll probably need an oTSC to PAL converter £100. My advice is to buy a monster PC (that will cost about the same) and have a better lbchine and loads of games to play. rageforever@yahoo.com It won't be £1,000, ad the power converters are ooly about 30: M ——————————————————————————————————2/5—— e-mail: digitiser@teletext.co.uk Letters to: DIGITISER, PO BOX 29, LONDON SW6 1XT. Tips Charts TV Fun & Games