P672 Teletext 671 Oct 2 21:05:00     NIGHTLONG PC——————————————————————————— The days of the traditional graphic adventure are very much over. Even the pioneering LucasArts is moving on: the firm's Grim Fandango features polygon characters, light years ahead of the spindly little guys in the original Secret Of Monkey Island. Blade Runner was perhaps the last shout for the old guard, but that game managed to be progressive through its threatening atmosphere. While it would be, perhaps, unfair to call Nightlong "The poor man's Blade Runner", it would be highly accurate. ——————————————————————————————————1/5—— See the musical youths 480 READ THIS NEWS p671 Reviews Hot Topic TV Green
P672 Teletext 670 Oct 2 21:00:11     NIGHTLONG PC—————————————————————————— Beginning with a CGI video sequence that, despite being well-directed, would only have impressed five years ago, Nightlong is well-intentioned but lacks any kind of innovation. You're some sort of freelance investigator bloke living in teeming future metropolis, full of towering, neon-lit skyscrapers, and flying cars. It's your inevitable task to investigate the disappearance of an undercover copper, which ultimately leads into a bigger conspiracy. Zzzzz. ——————————————————————————————————2/5—— Teen for two 140 See my index 670 THE SPECIAL PAGE p673 Reviews Hot Topic TV Green
P672 Teletext 675 Oct 2 21:00:30     NIGHTLONG PC——————————————————————————— The interface, tedious lateral-thinking puzzles and plot of Nightlong have been seen countless times before. Rather than warming our heart like the return of a favourite aunt, the game turned our stomach like the unexpected arrival of a sinister uncle you thought had deservedly died six years ago. Admittedly, Nightlong doesn't have the budget of a Blade Runner (and it shows), but that's no excuse for generating such a dull, generic sci-fi plot. If this was a film it'd go straight-to-video without a pause. ——————————————————————————————————3/5—— See the musical youths 480 READ THIS NEWS p671 Reviews Hot Topic TV Green
P672 Teletext 671 Oct 2 21:00:50      NIGHTLONG PC Published by Team 17 GENRE: Sci-fi adventure  GRAPHICS 6.5  UPPERS SOUND 7.0  It's a big old GAMEPLAY 6.0  game PRESENTATION 7.0  Traditionalists OVERALL 63%  should love it up  ———————————————————— SUMMARY:  DOWNERS We don't care:  How many times it's the poor  have we seen this? man's Blade  Not one new idea Runner however  Everything here you look at it.  has been recycled  4/5 MONDAY: WAR GAMES TURNER, YOU EGG ME OFF p196 Reviews Hot Topic TV Green
P672 Teletext 671 Oct 2 21:05:00 Advert Review >>>>          WIN A PLAYSTATION 0660 60 0012 WIN PLAYSTATION GAMES 0660 60 0013 WIN £250 0660 60 0014 WIN ENGLAND SOCCER KIT 0660 60 0015 WIN A GAMEBOY 0660 60 0005 SEE PAGE 622 FOR MORE COMPETITIONS  Touch Tone only. 50p lhn. May involve a long call. VTL, Box 7568, WC1N 3XX CHILDREN SEEK PERMISSION BEFORE CALLING Reviews Hot Topic TV Green