P414 Teletext 416 Oct 2 21:01:00       ——————————— with Jeremy Jehu ———  ARCHANGEL Robert Harris The author of Fatherland jokes that Hitler paid for his house. Now Stalin is taking care of the pension fund. The familiar Harris trademarks have been big issues, big research but limited literary talent. But this Russian history-based "what if?" thriller offers the first two qualities in spades while reading more confidently than its predecessors. It's pop fiction on intellectual steroids. ——————————————————————————————————1/6—— Published by Hutchinson £16.99 HOW TO DEAL WITH CANADA GEESE p415 Geese Jaguar Recipe Green
P414 Teletext 410 Oct 2 21:01:00       ——————————— with Jeremy Jehu ———  POINT OF ORIGIN Patricia Cornwell Once upon a time, Cornwell wrote a gruesome thriller about a forensic whizz-kid called Kay Scarpetta. It sold, so she wrote it all over again... eight times. Why do people seem addicted to these cynically cloned plots in which the only variable factor is the blossoming body count among Scarpetta's mates? That's a more intriguing mystery than Cornwell ever dishes up. ——————————————————————————————————2/6—— Published by Little, Brown £19.99 NOW IT'S EVEN EASIER TO FIND LOVE: TELETEXT DATING ITV p390 Geese Jaguar Recipe Green
P414 Teletext 410 Oct 2 21:00:01       ——————————— with Jeremy Jehu ———  THE FIRST WORLD WAR John Keegan The Telegraph defence writer is our most eminent military historian and one of my candidates for the title Greatest Living Englishman. He dignifies his subject with a dispassionate compassion, acknowledging the butcher's bill of war without insultingly portraying soldiers as hapless victims of bloody futility. His style flows so elegantly, it often carries you faster than you want to go. ——————————————————————————————————3/6—— Published by Hutchinson £25 JAGUAR REVIVES ITS GLORY DAYS p416 Geese Jaguar Recipe Green
P414 Teletext 416 Oct 2 21:00:00       ——————————— with Jeremy Jehu ———  THE PREDATORS Harold Robbins They say the grandpappy of the jet-set bonkbuster finished this sad swansong shortly before dying last year. "Finished" is a relative term. The dull, tawdry sexploits of a small-time hustler read like only half a book - a rambling 300-page scene-setter for a 20-page story. Whether so pitiable a legacy should have been offered for sale is debatable. ——————————————————————————————————4/6—— Published by Simon & Schuster £16.99 LIFE IN THE STYLISH LANE p411 Geese Jaguar Recipe Green
P414 Teletext 416 Oct 2 21:04:03       ——————————— with Jeremy Jehu ———  TOP 10 HARDBACKS 1 Heaven's Mirror: Quest For The Lost Graham Hancock 2 Tara Road Maeve Binchy 3 Losing My Virginity Richard Branson 4 Point Of Origin Patricia Cornwell 5 Archangel Robert Harris 6 Addicted Tony Adams & Ian Ridley 7 Charlotte Gray Sebastian Faulks 8 Real Food Nigel Slater 9 Amsterdam Ian McEwan 10 The Guv'nor Lenny McLean ——————————————————————————————————5/6—— Supplied by Waterstone's SEE OUR MILLENNIUM COUNTDOWN p105 Geese Jaguar Recipe Green
P414 Teletext 410 Oct 2 21:05:02       ——————————— with Jeremy Jehu ———  TOP 10 PAPERBACKS 1 Captain Corelli's Mandolin Louis de Bernieres 2 Instance Of The Fingerpost Iain Pears 3 The Tesseract Alex Garland 4 Enduring Love Ian McEwan 5 God Of Small Things Arundhati Roy 6 Song Of Stone Iain Banks 7 Walk In The Woods Bill Bryson 8 The Beach Alex Garland 9 Filth Irvine Welsh 10 Little Book Of Calm Paul Wilson ——————————————————————————————————6/6—— Supplied by Waterstone's HOW TO DEAL WITH CANADA GEESE p415 Geese Jaguar Recipe Green