P307 4-Tel 307 Fri 12 Oct C4 21:01:10   C4 GHLMS TODAY ON 306     Channel 4 Gtlm preview    THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY  12.30-14.35 Saturday  00857 125mins bw 888  Unusually for a British war film, The One That Got Away has, as its central protagonist, a German, who is portrayed far from unsympathetically. Hardy Kruger plays Franz Von 'brra, a real-life Luftwaffe pilot who, after being captured by the British during World War II, vows that he will escape, with dramatic and entertaining results. Michael Goodliffe, Terence Alexander, Colin Gordon, Alec McCowen and Andrew Faulds head the supporting cast. Directed by Roy Baker 1/3 Brookside Right2Reply PALplus Previews
P307 4-Tel 307 Fri 12 Oct C4 21:04:10   C4 GLLMS TODA] ON 30÷     Channel 4 Gtlm preview    DIAL M FOR MURDER  21.00-22.55 Saturday  0854 015mins 888  Based on a stage play by Frederick R Knott, this classic mxstery thriller features the sort of old-fashioned detection in which the viewer can enjoy being a step ahead of the hero. The wife (Grace Kelly) of a playboy (Ray Milland) disturbs a burglar, aod is soon facing a murder charge - but all is not as it seems, and DCI Hubbard (John Williams) seeks out the truth. Set largely in Milland's and Kelly's London house, the film is engrossingly directed by Alfred Hitchcock. 2/3 Brookside Right2Reply PALplus Previews
P307 4-Tel 307 Fri 12 Oct C4 21:04:00   C4 FILMS TODAY ON 306     Channel 4 Gtlm preview    MISHIMA  23.45-02.00 Late Saturday  00885 135mins col/bw  Paul Schrader, writer of Taxi Driver and director of American Gigolo, went east to m—ke this biopic of the Japanese writer/director Yukio Mishima. Showing as part of Channel 4's Cinema Excess season, this gripping drama shows how Mishima's desire to merge art and life led him inexorably to a grisly, if maybe appropriate, fate. Ken Ogata, Masayuki Shionoya and Junkicho Orimoto head the cast. Partly in Japanese, with English subtitles 3/3 Brookside Right2Reply PALplus Previews