P306 4-Tel 306 Fri 12 Oct C4 21:01:00       Channel 4 Gtlm preview   FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE  01.50-03.30 Late Friday  0873 100mins 888  A British horror double bill kicks off with this classic Amicus portmanteau, directed by Kevin Connor, whose other films include At the Earth's Core and The Land That Time Forgot. Peter Cushing is an East End antique dealer whose wares come with a grisly price tag, as a horrific fate befalls anyone who buys (or steals) them. David Warner, Ian Bannen, Ian Ogilvy and Ian Carmichael are the customers, in four tales adapted from the stories of R Chetwynd-Hayes. 1/2 Films tomorrow Brookside R2R PALplus
P306 4-Tel 306 Fri 12 Oct C4 21:04:10       Channel 4 Gtlm preview   DEMONS OF THE MIND  03.30-05.00 Late Friday  1871 90mins  Psychological horror fuses with the gothic genre in this effective, surreal film, set in the Bavaria of the 1830s. Demons of the Mind chronicles the affairs of a family of mad aristocrats, the afflictions of whom include the incestuous love of a brother for a sister, and dad's fondness for hunting and shooting his kids in the forest. Paul Jones, Gillian Mills, Robert Hardy, Michael Hordern, Patrick Magee, Shane Briant and Yvonne Mitchell head the cast of Peter Sykes's film. 2/2 Films tomorrow Brookside R2R PALplus