P303 4-Tel 303 Fri 12 Oct C4 21:00:00    Preview    CHANNEL FOUR RAC)oG  From Newmarket  13.55-16.00 Friday NICAM Brough Scott introduces a four-race card, and also previews Saturday's Tote Cambridgeshire Handicap: 14.05 Ghshpools Furnishings Godolphin Stakes 1m 4f 14.35 H&K Commissions Stakes (Handicap) 7f 15.05 SOMERVILLE TATTERSALL STAKES 7f 15.40 Jales Levett Handicap Stakes 1m 2f Sponsored by Volkswagen 1/5 Subtitles Films Brookside Shght2Reply
P303 4-Tel 303 Fri 12 Oct C4 21:02:11    Preview #    TFI FRIDAY  18.00 19.00 Friday  Rpt 00.05-01.10 Late Friday Chris Evans presents another lour of music, chat and comedy. This week's show features Richard and Judy, Jenny McCarthy, Cliff Richard, Dave Stewart, the Cardigans and the Montrose Avenue. TFI Friday is sponsored by Irn Bru LITPOP 19.55-20.00 Fridax 888 Channel 4's post-news slot continues its celebration of the very best in performance poetry, tonight featuring the talents of Christopher Twigg, who reads a piece entitled "Father Love".  Both in NICAM stereo 1/5 Subtitles Films Brookside Right2Reply
P303 4-Tel 303 Fri 12 Oct C4 21:00:03    Preview    FRIENDS  The One with Rachel's Crush  21.00-21.30 Friday In this week's episode, Rachel has the hots for a handsome client, so {he devises a scheme to get him to ask her out on a date. Meanwhile, Chandler's jealousy threatens his relationship. SPIN CITY 21.30-22.00 Friday In Bye Bye Birdie, it's Claudia's hen night, and a male stripper is booked to put in an appearance - but somehow a priest arrives instead. Meanwhile, the public unveiling of a new work of art turns into a public relations disaster. Both 888 subtitles/NICAM stereo 3/5 Subtitles Films Brookside Right2Reply
P303 4-Tel 303 Fri 12 Oct C4 21:04:11    Preview    FRASIER  A Mid Winter Night's Dream  22.00-22.30 Fridax In this repeated episode of the multi- award-winning comedy, Niles and Daphne are trapped together in his home during a violent storm. Will the neurotic shrink be able to resist temptation? Frasier is sponsored by Ericcson EUROTRASH 22.30-23.05 Friday This week's show features the woman with the longest legs in the modelling world, Adriana Sklenarikova, and a look at the many uses of cow dung, whether in art or at the Cow Pat Olympics. Both 888 subtitles/NICAM stereo 0/5 Subtitles Films Brookside Right2Rbply
P303 4-Tel 303 Fri 12 Oct C4 21:05:10    Preview    SOUTH PARK: Cartman's  Mom is a Dirty Slut  23.35-00.05 Friday The boys are busy getting ready for a special Father and Son picnic organised by South Park Elementary, but they find themselves distracted by Cartman, who is behaving very strangely indeed... South Park is sponsored by Levi's JO WHILEY 01.10-01.50 Late Friday The guests on DJ Jo's music discussion programme this week are N—lhroquai l—in man Jay Kay, Underworld's Karl Hyde and Bjork. Music in the studio comes from American rappers Cypress Hill. Repeat Both 888 subtitles/NICAM stereo 5/5 Subtitles Films Brookside Right2Reply