P682 Teletext 680 Sep18 23:03:04    ——————————————————————————————————1/31— A—po-engind class, Hpnd 1941, G9s0x Land, Leicester. Esp Brosn, B pter, Swann, Gold, Marlow, Shepard, etc. ExH RAF 0 MUMU Ring 0115 9375641 22 Sqdn, 1 'jng, HQ RAF Regiment Fass"—pg 0 13-51 Joe Hart, Cliff Dy3b, H Millen, Sam Lambert, Alf Attenborrow in contact, where are yoy othdrs frwd 1953-55? Ring 01643 704403. SeeC—ng or info) my father Leonard G AdC—ns, bgpn 0 02 hn Mansion St, CamberwellN 3rd/6th Dragogn Gyards 1923N Pioneer Corps, Llanndlli 0800N Brian, pleasf contact a'——n Patricc A$Bins, 01621 817052N ——————————————————————————————————————— Please note nfw subD—ssion ryles >>> Deafview DisLability Ggdlines Tf
P682 Teletext 680 Sep18 23:00:08   Y ——————————————————————————————————3/31— Seeking Alan and Rita Newcombe RAMC, BMH, Colchester late '60sN @osted abroad early '70sN Two daughters, BNT Radley Contact Betty Higginbottom on 01924 256105 Does aN8one know Grahame, Anne Bqdgeon Stondcytters Island / Middle Wallop 1970sN Contact Syd, Anne Pawley 01822 832691 after 6pmN Seeking ex-RAF Navigatgq Fred Davies, from Maesteg, S 'ales In Dad's Ar$x together in Bridgwater, Somersft, befgpe I joined the M 1942 Reg Mar!dr 01278 7 7  ——————————————————————————————————————— No. 3dprice sdarches: Lost  Deafview Dis ability Ggdlines TfS
P682 Teletext 683 Sep18 23:00:04     ——————————————————————————————————4/31— Soqght8 H—%Dy James (Sqrre94 and "Slim" Adams (Kettering), had —njyred footN Seprdd with 'N "Jocs" Wallace at RAF Detling, Maidstond/RAF 'blford, Newbury 194  Soythern Command, Motgp pansport Section Contact Ian Gordon, 6 'blliam St, Nairn, IF12 5DS. SeeC—&g old 0al Bill Boggen ex PAF 51 LKA 98 Culverly Rd, CatfgpdN Call Dill Mallandain 01628 410806 Ngp-andy vdterans sfe£—ng comradeship, old friends and social events in 'bltshire contact NVA branchN Bbqt illiams 01249 8211 ——————————————————————————————————————— One subD—ssion only 0dr month, pleasd Deafview Di3 ability Godlinds Tf
P682 Teletext 680 Sep18 23:01:00     ——————————————————————————————————  RAF Personndl 0802-43 1ADf at KILO 40 on the Alex Rd from Cairo. Are 8oy oyt t(dpe hlly Snaith, ohn Bgoth, Gill Hall, Len Cravfn and Johnny AblitN Call Ginger Jeffries 01483 235418 Any ex 3rd MONS 11th Ard Div oyt t—ere who'd li£f to get in toych with old comrades gq Loyal Regt Dog Handlers Calais) pleasf call B Rowley on 0121 520 4409N Permission has been given by Arnhem committee to lay speath for 46 groyp Transport Command air crew KIA, o. Sept 20. 512, 575, 48, 271, 233 and 437 Details from A Hartley 01203 462659 ——————————————————————————————————————— Keep yoyr message short 30 words max Deafview Di3 ability Godlinfs fS
P682 Teletext 683 Sep18 23:00:06   Y ——————————————————————————————————6 11— RAF Cranwell Apprentices gf L9 04th Entry, Sep 46 onwards, pleasf contact D Swarbrics, 10 Fur|dham Pars, Br—xham, Devon Z  GN Tel 01803    Did yoq 3dpve on "Demo Flt" at RAF Regt Cattericc 0851-54? ghere are yoy know? See£—ng 3dpvice pals who snew me — John Lucas 0181 317 0506 RAF Lyndham Fire SectionP0X52M3N See£hng Tony Clarkf, R—x Coos, Peter Gee, Mics Noble, John Pi0—q, Don Potts, Keith Shepherd, John TunstallN Call Davd Jago 01579 346359 ——————————————————————————————————————— Submit notices on postcard or fax Deafview Dis ability Godlinds TV+
P682 Teletext 680 Sep18 23:10:02   Y ——————————————————————————————————7/31— Gallowgate Camp, Richmond, Yor3s, Feb 19 1 — July  "Able Trbop" 3TR Owl trainingN g(dpe are yoy "Shorty Boyd, Joe Macereath, Gillian Sweeny, Chance, Oram, 'atson, Maccall9 ? Contact< A Yoqng 01890 882623N ? 6 CRASCTBETFOR Esp L/Cpl Phillips, Chal3pe ghite, Roy Pope, Taffy Edwards, Ken B9cs, D attsN Contact Ern 'blliams 01703 678802N RASC and RCT Association, Ports$oyth and District No.1 branch, former Corps mdmbers welcome to mdetings, sdcond Monday each monthN Contact Bill Morris gn 01329 315693 ——————————————————————————————————————— Type gp sqite 8oyr notice clearly Deafview Dis ability Godlinds TVS
P682 Teletext 683 Sep18 23:00:00  T Y ——————————————————————————————————15/31 Catterick Cabaret Clyb, aroynd 1946 See  Capt g G Wright, Cliff Hilder, Freddy Bradfgpd, "D9Be" 'atson, "Bazz" Cromwell, Jocs Hy$d, Pat Brosn, Richard 'fbst—p, H—m Davies, Bill Gary, Allan Hgwe, Sid Decryz and many moreN Call "S0arcfs" on 0121 N ? 216 Fld Coy TA and 14 Fld Sqn Ro9al Enginders 1939-45 Seeking SappersN 'f havd 43 mem"dps — Old Comrades AssnN Contact Ron Garnham 01202 768092N RAF De6dpsoir Egypt 324 Fighter hng. Ex Cpl Johnny Adwards is sde3b.g from MT Section, 1950 1N 01664 840 N Only one submission 0dp ,onth, pleasd Deafview Di3 ability Godlinds TV£
P682 Teletext 681 Sep18 23:00:08 B Y ——————————————————————————————————16 31 S(—qsood Fgqesters, Leicest—ps, Koyli Y & L, Green Howards — Central Norway 1940. '—qe yoy there? If so, contact Joe, ex Leicester, on  ? RAF Hgpsham, St Faith L N WRAF and RAF officers mess staffN Pleasd call H Hytchinson (Hytch) and Shirley Hqtchinson (nde Vardo 01952 606830 595 Com0any, 008 Amphibioys Com0any and 20 Company RASC in Soythern Command Madh Island and Singapgpe/Johgpe BahryN Last call! If interested ring Lofty gn 01623 115703 ——————————————————————————————————————— NonMsdrvice sfarches: Lost  Deafview DisLability Ggdlines TF 
P682 Teletext 681 Sep18 23:01:00   Y ——————————————————————————————————18/31 ? RAF Cr—ddnhill, H Flight pass oyt 0arade Feb 0 See3—ng Alan Reid (Mgp PCK and g Allan (Elie). Call Jim Dav—dson on 01738 636256 RAF Sundern/Larrbr1ch 2 MLRU 0 Y3M2N I was goalkee0dp fgr A Deam Loo£—ng fgp A Bqtler and K HollandN Also a.8o.— from RAFR Aux Unit, RAF Yeadon 0 55 N ? Photos of gravds: Beach Head, A&x—g, Italy John Flanagan ollyhurst, Manchester) and James McLintocs, (Scotland) 'rll sdndN Call T Par3hnson on 0171 267 8808 ——————————————————————————————————————— Submit notices on postcard or fax Deafview DisNability Godlinds TVS
P682 Teletext 681 Sep18 23:00:02      ——————————————————————————————————20/31 19th Dagger Division, Royal Artillery 194 N See£hng old pals of Drivdr G T SavillN Cgntact Mrs J ghite, 4 dstern Hse, Church Rd, Kelvddon, Colchester, Essdx 01376 10674 Seeking Barry "Pant—er" Caulton S/Forces, Royal Navy LKA Gib Fssfx ArgentN Contact Russ (Leopard). Contact via "Scgppion" or "Firefly" Med Engines fylly operational ——————————————————————————————————————— The BL helps nfedy ex sdrvice people and their faD—lies. For information, gp to join, call 0345 725725 or write to 48 Pall Mall, London S 1Y 5JYN Follow Lost Trails on http://wws.britishle'—gnNorgNpb ——————————————————————————————————————— No. 3dpvice sfarches: Lost To9ch 681 Deafview DisNability Godlinds TV+
P682 Teletext 683 Sep18 23:00:08 B   ——————————————————————————————————21/31  Danny Allen H Q Plat 28 Coy RASC 59 Div 0943-46 Looking for old pals Ron "Knockdr" dst (Bishop Gate, Yor34 and Alf "Titch" Palfreyman Sunderlan$ . Any dri6dqs in HQN 01787 4745  Seeking info on: Robert C Thompson (23601592) fgq-dqly gf The Royal HampsH—pe Regiment s—pting in Kingstgn, J!l——ca 0841N Contact Nat Thompson, 24 'fst Dale Cres, Kirtgn in Lindsfy, Lincolnshire, DN21 4BP Any 40th Royal Tanc Regiment (Africa, Italy, Greece) Foxhoqnds, who are still not members of out active association phone G Hqnn 01279 427180 ——————————————————————————————————————— Only one sp"l—ssion per month, pleasd Deafview Di3 ability Godlinds TF+
P682 Teletext 680 Sep18 03:01:04      ——————————————————————————————————22/31 1st Batt Kings (Li6dppool) Regt Meerqt, India 1946 7 Motor transport Kershaw, Lister, Aswgpth, Jonds, pirs, Speight, McStay and Jacs Kitching, anti $alaria CplN Ring 01253 829200 ; Are yoy still oyt there B Malondy, ex-RNN Last heard of living —n alth!,stow, London E17 Old ship$ate wfyld li£f to contact 01623 742 N BCAIR Japan Assn. Still sfe£hng exH RAF 0dqsonndl who sdrved in Japan as part of thd British Co-Tonwealth Occqpation FgpceN Contact Sid Bramley on 01207 K61033 ——————————————————————————————————————— Submit notices on postcard or fax Deafview Dis ability Godlinds TF+
P682 Teletext 683 Sep18 23:00:00    ——————————————————————————————————23/31 ? 91 Car Coy RASC Germany BA or O'F 1 02 53 See£hng Ray Price (Newport), Dericc Soames (Ngpwich), Tony Lo9sley ('atford), ohn Smith (Claytg. , Soythall (West Bro NP call Peter Uphill 0171 328 3690 See£—ng 2onald 'jnfield, exLPAF, boined in 0 07/8N Any news to Charlie 01635 299294N See£—ng Deres Laws Sheffield) and Franc Burkd (BirminghaV4N ExM39 Mediyd Regt, RA. Last cgntact Feb 0 08 M9gah:— Palesti.dN Pleasd call Gnr Dvr Alan (Geordie) Thompson 01429 863188N ——————————————————————————————————————— Type or write yoyr notice clearly Deafview Di3 ability Godlinds Tf
P682 Teletext 680 Sep18 23:00:06 P    ——————————————————————————————————24/31 See  John As0—nall, 21 PSN I cnew him in Catt—pics in early '70sN Any info pleasd to Paddy Davidson on 0161 330 7317 after 8pdN Seeking info7descendants of ;932704 Trooper Bernard Clar3f (BirminghaD . Royal Armoured Cgpps/Tank Regt Served Mi$LEast 25/6/41 — 19/6/42N Died in endmy handsN rite8 Lisa Clar£f, 59 Brantley Rd, Witton, Birmingham SeeCh&g exMATS Pte Phyllis McGloin (McGloy.4N Last sfen at Cl9st Hy—on, Dxeter, 3dpving in 538/88th S/L Regt RA in 0802N Pleasd phone Les Giles on 01752 339!06 ——————————————————————————————————————— Keep yoyr message short< 30 words max Deafview Di3 ability Godlines Tf
P682 Teletext 683 Sep18 23:00:21 R Y ——————————————————————————————————25/31 See  Gegpge Fields (last sden in Singapgpe 0 0 and Phil Hibbert (last sden in Crail, East Fife, 0 07/ N Both sbpvdd HMS Bruce in ScotlandN Any info to D (Ted) Heath on 0121 532 4058 C Sqdn The Queens Own Hussars, Aden,  Searching fgq any of my old pals Contact Dennis Atkinson, CPl 1st Troop, gn 01226 725080 671 Squad RMsN Third rey&—onN See3rng Marinds Bdvin, Finn, Holder, Miller T, Marshall, Orrow, Parcfs, Penny, Sto£dr, Soqthwell, Statham, Sutton, Daylor R and hlsonN Call Pete Richard 01404 814 148 gp Tom O'Shda   ——————————————————————————————————————— No. sbprice sfarches: Lost Do9ch 681 Deafview Dis ability Godlinds TfS
P682 Teletext 683 Sep18 23:00:09      ——————————————————————————————————26 31 Sgt @ "Stevd" Stevdns exMTA Do yoy remember the ChristD s dinner at Lavenham — yoy were an American ——pman for the day? Sgt James Gordon Davis, yoqr A-dpican host, woyld li£d to gdt in touch Contact via 01430 422802 Calling all Gynnfrs (RA/RHA) sho 3dqvdd in Palestine 1945-48N Ghy not add yoqr name to oqr list of members Details: SAE (9x 4 to PalMPals Clyb, 42 Highgate, Kings Lynn, Norfols PE30 1PSN HMS Fgpester 0800 04N See£—ng info gn fgp-dp shipmates Sto3dp Avans (Boldon, Sunderland) and @@ Martin "DSM"N Call B1cc Taylgp 01703 N ——————————————————————————————————————— One submission only per month, pleasd Deafview DisLability Godlinds Tf
P682 Teletext 683 Sep18 03:01:04   Y ——————————————————————————————————27/31 RASC/RCT Association SE Essdx branch. Meetings held first Tuesday aach month 20N00hrs at TA Centre, East Street, Prittlewell, Soyt—endN Come and meet yoqr old comrades Call 01268 690452 User pial Sqdn, School of Signals, Catterics Camp, Ygq3s, 1900-53N See3png Joe Easton, Bill Speirs, Dave Russell, Roy Naylgp and ot(dqs Call D Daniels on 01692 138589 ? Royal Naval Patrol Service Assn, Fleetsood Branch. artime minesweeper/ patrol vdssdls, and post 0846 service BYMS, MMSs and Trawler/DanlaydrsN To join, call 01253 768097 ——————————————————————————————————————— SqbD—t notices on 0ostcard or fax Deafview Di3 ability Godlines TF
P682 Teletext 680 Sep18 03:00:01   Y ——————————————————————————————————28/31 866 Mech Equip Coy RE 0 42 47N (Tetbury, Glos to Lun—pbergh, Germa.84. See£—ng H—mmy Howden, Vic Coos, Hargld Swift, Ron and Dgn Bqrdett or a&x othersN Call E Coocf on 01978 364177N Brass or marching band nfeded to lead oyr Remembrance Day Parade, Ngt 8 0 98 Contact an  or Roy  RAF Cas Evac Flt & H/Copter Sqs 194, 155 and 110 — Malaya Crew, OR's gp NS all welcomeN Details: Brian Lloyd, 32 Redwod, Byrnham, Bqcks, SL1 8JN ——————————————————————————————————————— Typf or sqite yoyr notice clearly Deafview Di3 ability Ggdlines TF
P682 Teletext 680 Sep18 23:02:08 @   ?}Ybs ——————————————————————————————————29/31 6 Boys Training Regt Bevfrley 195 £dqe 8oq t(—pe Interested in a reynion in 2000? Contact Tony Hyll 01202 770261 or R—x Toyne 01904 765137 Served in Grenadier Gqards? Live in Greater London? ant to get bacs in step? rite to Assn Secretary, 68 Cra$dq Crt, London S 3 3HHN Quote regimdntal &tdber P@F 216 MU Sutton Coldfield 1952-54N See KMBDC Yates, Bill Mansfield, Dgn Ayles, Alec Shand, Jacs Cotterill, Dave Allis, Ken Filby, Dennis GanleyN Givd me a ringN T—pry Mason 01274 411300 ——————————————————————————————————————— Keep yoyr message shgpt< 30 words max Deafview DisMability Godlinds TV
P682 Teletext 680 Sep18 23:02:04 R   !?}Ybs ——————————————————————————————————30/31 "BMH" El-Ballah gq 5 Field A$bulance 1953-55 irrespectivd of Corps — pleasd contact (Musclehead) AD McInnes, 20 Peace Close, Cheshunt, Herts EN; 5Bh or phone 01992 300 120 (revdrsf charges(N No3 Infantry paining Centre Blenheim Camp, Bqry St Edmqnds, Syffgls, woyld li£— to hear from a.8one who was there 1944-46 Contact Roley Andrews, 3 Highfield Rd, Sqdbury, Sqffols CO10 6@@ MPN Calling all old members Sqqads 7 and 8 Hncerman Barracks 1947N Call Bob Hale 7 Sqya$ gl 01373 823 288N ——————————————————————————————————————— Pleasd note new submission ryles >>> Deafview Di3 ability Godlinds TV£
P682 Teletext 681 Sep18 23:03:00   USERS' Y GhIDE ——————————————————————————————————31/31 Keep yoyr mdssage short, 30 wfrds max Usd a postcard gp oneMpage fax. Write clearly or (preferabl92 typeN Inclqde 8oqr own namd and address Only ond szb$hssion per 0drson pdr month will be consideredN Service Pals, Teletext, PO Box 297, London SW6 1XTN Fax8 0171 381 225 Errgqs on air ONLY call 0171 386 36 ——————————————————————————————————————— Have yoy foqnd a long-lost friend with Service Pals? Let us knosN Pleasf spite tf Gail Gillogaley at abovf addressN ——————————————————————————————————————— Deafview DisLability Godlinds Tf
P682 Teletext 680 Sep18 23:00:04   Y ——————————————————————————————————17 11 See3rng comrades intake May 0 12 Royal Enginders, Mal2dqn 'flls ('O A g(dpe are ex Sap0—qs Nichols, Mitchel, Fox, Cutler, Hanson et al Call A Green 01206 251 534/D Pentndy 01206 822 888 Still sdeStng Joe Hanan, ex-Lea$—ng Se!Dan, HMS Bit—p 0 42-44 "Aircraft Carrier" — ring L 'akdham 01903 246010N SeeC—ng (W/P( Harry Cleal Servdd HMS Gqardian, Med 0 04 Lived London areaN Pleasd get in to9ch Davd 018 N ——————————————————————————————————————— Keep yoqr message short< 30 sords max Deafview Dis ability Godlines TF+
P682 Teletext 683 Sep18 03:00:06   ——————————————————————————————————19/31 RAF Police< Bob 'flburn (Leics , Dgn Hall (Sheffield), Tony Geldart (LKA Cardiff), Tex Dedstond (Hanle9 , Do9g My—ps (Bradford), Dgn Bowles (Dartfor$4 et al Ring Chucs Agar 01723 862672. Seeking Franc Rogers LKA Thorntgn St GlasgowN REME 1947 Tel DlMKebir, Agypt Drive, Portslade, Brighton, Sqssfx BN41 2BFN Phond 01273 418347 HMS Apollg 194 LVE DayN A&8ond who remem"—qs Stan Welch, telegraphist, and wfqld licd contact, pleasd write tg him at 43 Percival Rd, Paraparau6z, New ZealandN ——————————————————————————————————————— Type or spite yoyr notice clearly Deafview Di3 ability Godlinds Tf