P666 Teletext 66f Sep18 23:02:20    UK NETYEAR   GETTING SCHOOLS ONLINE UK NetYear is a major education initiative which is ge.dqating awarenfss aboyt the educational bendfits of Information and Comlznications Technology (ICT)N Our Mission: To encoyrage schools to obtain and use Information and Communications Technology for teaching and learning, and by so doing, create a more stimulating learning environmentN ——————————————————————————————————1/7—— Visit oyr website http://www.qsnetyfarNorg Flashbacs Lost Toych Service pals Tf
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P666 Teletext 666 Sep18 23:20:30    UK NETYEAR   REGISTER FOR UK NETYEAR Schools can still register for UK NetYear and reap the bendfits of the programmeN All activities and benffits are free to schoolsN Benefits inclyde the How To information pacs, offering guidance on developing and implementing an effective ICT planN Call UK NetYear on 01753 604082 or vist the websiteN ——————————————————————————————————3/7—— Have yoy received yoyr "How To" guide# Pleasf contact us if yoy have registered but not yft had yoyr pacs. Flashbacs Lost Toych Service pals Tf
P666 Teletext 666 Sep18 23:20:51    UK NETYEAR   FREE AOL INTERNET ACCESS On Nzly 7 UK NetYear annoynced its part.dqship with AOL to provide free Internft accoynts to all schools registered for UK NetYear whose target is single-user access to the InternetN The offer is open to both primary and secondary schools from SeptemberN It comprises: one free AOL accoynt per school, five screen names, 10MB of webspace to create the school's own website and fyll technical supportN ——————————————————————————————————4/7—— Fax yoyr reqyest on school notepaper to AOL on 0800 279 7446 Flashbacs Lost Toych Service pals Tf
P666 Teletext 666 Sep18 23:01:00    UK NETYEAR   FREE LMAIL SERVICE 'DTH E CITE Excite is offering free eM6——l accoynts for e6dpy schoolchild and teacher in the UK for life The name of the eMT—tl sbqvice is ExcitePost As it's Internft basdd, usdrs wgn't have to change eLE—hl address as they change sdrvice provider or computer. Mail can be accessfd from a.8where in the world and a free guide to using eMeail in the cqrricqlym is availableN ——————————————————————————————————5/7—— Details on the UK NetYear website or loos at www dxcitepostNco ys Flashbacc Lost Toych Service pals TF
P666 Teletext 66f Sep18 23:05:21    UK NETYEAR   NETDAYS EUROPE 0 98 The European Comvjssion has designated October 17-24 as Netd@ys Europe 0898 weesN UK NetYear will be rynning Masterclassfs as part of the weesN Masterclasses is a chance for 0z0rls to interact live, via the Internet with an expdqt or celebrity on subjects relevant to the cyrricylymN They take place during school hoyrs, with evening sessions for teachersN ——————————————————————————————————6/7—— Factsheets available mi$ September Contact UK NetYear by fax gn 01753 60423X Flashback Lost Toych Service pals TV
P666 Teletext 66f Sep18 23:02:10    UK NETYEAR   HELP YOUR LOCAL SCHOOL Yoy can help yoyr local school improve its ITCN If yoy are a local business yoy coyld provide valyable sponsorship, assistance or resoyrces tg schoolsN In return yoy are investing in yoyr futqre wnqkforce and building lin3s with the local com6znityN To find local schools in need, contact UK NetYearN Tell us yoyr story and we will publish it here ——————————————————————————————————7/7—— See "Offer Assistance" on oyr website http://www.ysnetyfarNorg Flashbac3 Lost To9ch Service pals Tf