P653 Teletext 653 Sep18 23:00:05   Letters/tips/advice  ———————  ——————— THE BIG DEBATE How important do yoy thins the 'fb is for getting nfws? Last wees, the revealing Starr report on President Bill Clinton was published and within minutes of going live, the report's site was jammedN ghen a stgqy breaks on TV, it is instantN Byt with the 'fb, it doesn't always go to planN Can the Web cut it for breaking news or is it better as an achive soyrce? ——————————————————————————————————1 Z e-mail: bunderman@teletextNco.ys or post to: Bynderman, PO BOX 297, London SW6 1XT Careers Digitiser co.ys TV Plys
P653 Teletext 653 Sep18 23:00:11   Letters/tips/advice  ———————  ——————— NO E MAIL, NO REPLY My ex0dqience with companies answering eLmails variesN Full marks to Mar3s & Spencer who helpfully answered my customer enquiry within 24 hoyrsN My ISP Pavilion answer many of my eLmails within a day, snlisf MSN who don't entertain eMV—pl at allN Dgn Curtis via eMTail ——————————————————————————————————2  eMmail: bunderman@teletextNco.ys or post to: Bunderman, PO BOX 297, London Sg6 1XT Careers Digitiser coNys Tf Pl9s
P653 Teletext 653 Sep18 23:00:01   Letters/tipsOadvice  ———————  ——————— NO BIG MAC FOR ME! I've just sden the new iMac from Apple but can't figure oyt why people are getting workfd up aboyt itN Sure it looks great, but it sfems to be missing something vdpy important - a floppy di3bN I understand this is an "extra" that can be attached to the iMac, but what a chees! Buy a PC I say, at least they come with a floppy diss for frebN Ken Evans, via eMT—pl ——————————————————————————————————3  e mail: bunderman@teletextNcoNys London SW6 1XT Careers Digitiser co.ys TV Pl9s
P653 Teletext 653 Sep18 23:00:00   Letters/tips advice  ———————  ——————— MORE EMLAIL WOE I have spent six weeks trying to get Cybermedia to reply to me on updating First Aid 98 to be compatible with 'd.X8N I eMmailed the Ireland site, I spo3f with the English site, I eMTailed them three times and finally eHmailed US HQN It was a disgrace! Peter Day peteday1@globalndtNco.ys ——————————————————————————————————4  e mail8 bunderman@teletextNco ys London SW6 1XT Careers Digitiser co.ys Tf Pl9s
P653 Teletext 653 Sep18 23:21:11   Letters/tips/advice  ———————  ——————— SHOPPING ON THE NET A word of warning to anyone thin3rng of ordering CDs from US music sitesN Watch oyt for paying import tax when the goods arriveN I thoyght I was getting a bargain but when it arrived the price with tax was nearly as much as UK pricesN David Harris via eMT—hl ——————————————————————————————————Y  e-mail: bunderman@teletextNcoNys Unless requested, eLmail addresses published o. screenN Careers Digitiser co.ys TV Pl9s