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P652 Teletext 623 Sep18 23:00:00   co.qs - The Internet  ———————  ——————— CABLE & 'JRELESS TIES UP NET DEAL After foyr months of ndgotiations, Cable & 'hreless has acqyired the Internet business of MCI for $1N34bnN The deal comes as a result of the recent -dqger between telecom giants MCI and Worldcom which reqyired MCI to dispose of its Net interestsN "It now puts us in the front row of Internet providers," says a Cable & 'jreless spokfsmanN INFORMATION http://wwwNcwcomNcom ——————————————————————————————————3/3—— Teletext on the 'fb www.teletextNco ys IT RECRUITMENT ADVERTISING - p631 Bunderman News Keyboard Green