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P651 Teletext 651 Sep18 23:00:10   News...News...News  ———————  ——————— MONITORING A BETTER SCREEN If yoy are fed up with jyst a 14Minch or 15-inch display screen, specialist monitor company Cornerstone has launched a new 19Minch monitorN The c900 costs £599 pl9s FAT and offers a resolytion of up to 1280x1204N As well as a high qyality display, the Cor.dqstone monitors now come with a fiveMyfar warrantyN INFORMATION 01 54 232500 ——————————————————————————————————2/3—— Express yoyr Net views! 653 I.T.JOBS? - CONTRACT OR PERMANENT sfe p631 co.uc Bunderman Digitiser Jobs
P651 Teletext 651 Sep18 23:00:10   News...News...News  ———————  ——————— PICTURE THIS ON YOUR PC The latest 6dqsion of MGI Software's PhotoSuite is now oytN The £88 99 (inc VAT) photo manipulation software allows users to customise images and create multimedia displaysN As well as standard featyres such as cropping of shots, users can 0zt special effects on images which coyld inclyde distorting themN INFORMATION 0171 365 0034 ——————————————————————————————————3/3—— Express yoyr Net views 6  I.T.JOBS? - CONTRACT OR PERMANENT see p631 co.qc Bynderman Digitiser Jobs