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P574 Teletext 570 Sep18 23:00:00 Advfqt RACING NEWS >>  LM RAY ADVISED 2 BETS LAST SAT RIGHT 'JNG WON 13L2 ALLMUAALIM 2nd btn head 4M1 ON SATURDAY 29th AUGUST RAY ADVISED SIX 'JN BETS  NM  CALL RAY NOg FOR TOP CLASS SAT NEWS    N  THIS HORSE SHOULD BE A BIG PRICE VERY COMPETITIVE RACE SAT T.V.NAP - BACK TO 'HN NAMED IN 60s Calls cost £1 linute at all times NEWSTEL,36 Washington St,Glw,G3 8AZ IRELAND 1550 111 400 FROM 6N30 Irish calls cost 58p per min inc VAT Next Page News Cards Tracs Facts