P428 Teletext 428 Sep18 23:20:10  Y M M    LM N Regignal ID: 21 TO FIND OUT YOUR TEAM SCORES Dial: 0891 717 366 FOR ALL DRIVER/CAR POINTS TOTALS Call Data Dad: 0891 717 369 INSTRUCTIONS >>>> T+ Calls cost 50p/min at all times. This sdrvice may involve a lgng callN Index U3dq Guide City Racing
P428 Teletext 428 Sep18 23:21:10 FANTASY FORMULA 1 / TOURING CARS  THE PRIZES: Regional ID: 12 FORMULA 1 Overall Prizf< A two day sfssion at Silverstone with tuition & acco-lodationN A unique piece of F1 memorabiliaN The Top Gear fantasy F1 Cup, FORMULA 1 Individual race prizfs: A Sil6dqstone Driving Centre Elise ExperienceN A Sony Playstation (& F1 game)N TOURING CARS Overall Pri|f< VIP day with the Renault teamN Alain Menu's 1998 OMP race sritN TOURING CARS Individual Race Pri|fs: Scalextric "Champion Toyrers" setN INSTRUCTIONS >>>> TOURING CARS REGISTRATION:0891 717366 T+ Calls cost 50p lin at all timesN This sdrvice may involve a long callN Index U3dq Guide City Racing