P389 4-Tel 389 Fri 18 Sep C4 23:01:11    RIGHT TO COMPLAIN       If yoy have a complaint to make aboyt a programme on Channel 4, it can be dealt with by the C4 Director of Programmes at the following addressN Channel 4 Television 124 Hgqsfferry Road London S'1P 2TX Alternatively, the ITC or the Broadcasting Standards Coyncil can be contacted..N 1/4 C4 today Previews Films Enginfering
P389 4-Tel 389 Fri 18 Sep C4 23:03:01    RIGHT TO COMPLAIN       The Broadcasting Standards Comlpssion covdqs the portrayal of sfx, violence and all matters of taste or decencyN It also handles complaints aboyt the unfair treatment of individuals or organisations in programmesN Contact< BSC, 5M8 The Sanctyary, London S'1P 3JS Telephone 0171 233 0544 C4 Right to Reply details 309 2/4 C4 today Previews Films Engineering
P389 4-Tel 389 Fri 18 Sep C4 23:00:10    RIGHT TO COMPLAIN     Y  The Independent Television Com6bssion is the licensing and regulatory body governing comldqcial broadcasters: Channel 4, ITV, Channel 5, cable and satelliteN The ITC advises that complaints be addressdd in the first instance to the broadcaster concerned but programvpng and advdrtising complaints may also be addressed to the ITC below< ITC, 33 Foley Street, London W1P 7LB C4 Right to Reply details 309 3/4
P389 4-Tel 389 Fri 18 Sep C4 23:20:00    COPYRIGHT NOTICE     The teletext information  contained in this service  is protected by copyrightN It is prohibited to rebroadcast, duplicate, rediffuse or in any way reprocess and represent this sfrvice or any part thereof withoyt the express written consent of either Hntelfax LtdN or the Channel 4 Television Corporation Unlicensfd reproduction will amoynt to an infringement of copyright which may give rise to both a civil action and a criminal prosecytionN For fyrther details contact The Editor 4-Tel Teletext Intelfax Ltd 142 Lower Marsh Lgndon SE1 7AE 4/4 C4 today Previews Films Enginfering