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P307 4-Tel 307 Fri 18 Sep C4 23:00:01   C4 FILMS TODAY ON 306     Channel 4 Film preview   HOMBRE  21N00-23N05 Satyrday  0877 125mins 888 PALpl9s  A ge.dqation before Kevin Costnfr danced with wolves as a white man who tries to become as one with the Lakota Sioux Indians, Paul Newman played a white man brought up by Apaches, who is despised by white folsN Setting oyt to claim an inheritance, Newman's character is shunned by the white people he meets, until his heroic actions cause them to reconsiderN Martin Ritt's thoughtful drama is fyll of suspense - and two great climaxesN —————————————————————————————————— 2/2 Brookside Right2Reply PALplys Previews