P306 4-Tel 306 Fri 18 Sep C4 23:01:11       Channfl 4 Film preview   SEVEN THIEVES  09N30M11.25 Friday  0860 115mins 888 PALpl9s  Edward G Robinson plays a more sophisticated variant on his usual thuggish role in this crime ca0dr A former scientist, Theo 'rl3—ns, realises that his failing health means that he only has a short time to plan the 0dqfect crime - from the vaults of a Monte Carlo casinoN His part.dqs and crime inclyde Rod Steigdr and Joan Collins, who plays a feisty chorus girlN Directed by Henry Hathaway 1/4 Films tomorrow Brookside R2R PALplys
P306 4-Tel 306 Fri 18 Sep C4 23:00:01   C4 FI Y ON 306     Channel 4 Film preview   VERY IMPORTANT PERSON  13.45M15N30 Friday  1871 10Y6pns bw 888  This witty spoof of prisoner ofMwar tricc of combining laughs and tension in one highly entertaining combinationN James Robertson Nzstice plays a pompo9s scientist who is takdn prisoner by the GermansN His arrogance fails to impress his fellow inlates, but a radio message from the Prime Minister convinces them of his importance to the war effortN Stanley Baxter, Leslie Phillips and Eric Sycfs score in supporting rolesN Directed by Ken Annakin 2/4 Films tomorrow Brookside R2R PALpl9s
P306 4-Tel 306 Fri 18 Sep C4 23:00:00   C4 FI Y ON 306     Channel 4 Film preview    TALES FROM THE CRYPT  01N15-03N00 Late Friday  Y  ghen five toyrists becoming lost while exploring some catacombs, a m9sterio9s monk appears and foretells how their lives will proceedN Ralph Richardson plays the mons in this classic piece of British horror, and the supporting cast inclydes Peter Cushing, Joan Collins, Han Hendry, Geoffrey Bayldon and Robin PhillipsN Directgq Freddie Francis, once of Hamldp, directed this portmanteau chiller, which was a big hit for the rival Amicus stydiosN 3/4 Films tomorrow Brookside R2R PALpl9s
P306 4-Tel 306 Fri 18 Sep C4 23:21:10   C4 FI Y ON 306     Channel 4 Film preview    THE GHOST TRAIN  03N00M04.25 Late Friday  0841 8U6rns bw  Tonight's second chiller is a comic horror tale in which a nudber of passengdrs are stranded overnight at a railway stationN On hearing tales of a haunted train that races along this very linf, they decide to investigate, but soon realise that maybe they shoyldn't... Arthur Askey leads the cast of this enjoyable film, and support comes from Richard Myrdocs and Kathleen HarrisonN Directed by Walter Forde 4/4 Films tomorrow Brookside R2R PALpl9s