P303 4-Tel 303 Fri 18 Sep C4 23:00:03    Preview    CLASSIC HOMES   15.30-16N00 Friday John Peel adds his dulcet tones to yet another programme as the sdries aboyt the histgqy of British homes tyrns its attention to the terraceN 'ith terraced hoysing in Britain encompassing both Number 10 Downing Street and the two up-two downs of Coronation Street, the terrace hoysf is a defining emblem of British lifeN A grand Victgqian hoyse in Liverpool, tiny houses in a 'flsh mining village, and tobacco wor3dqs' homes in Bristol are among the buildings featyredN  Repeat with 888 subtitles 1 Z Subtitles Films Brookside Right2Reply
P303 4-Tel 303 Fri 18 Sep C4 23:01:01    Preview    TFI FRIDAY Z 18N00 19N00 Friday Chris Evans swaps his DJ headphones for his presenter's dess as he introduces another hoyr of music, chat and comddyN Joining him for a conversation this week are the queen of Coyntry and 'fstern, Dolly Parton, and singerM turned successfyl clyb DJ Boy GeorgeN Boy George will also be performing live in the stydio with the re-formed Culture Clyb, and music also comes from Chris Issak and Silver SunN TFI Friday is sponsored by IRN Bry  NICAM stereo 2 4 Subtitles Films Brookside Right2Reply
P303 4-Tel 303 Fri 18 Sep C4 23:01:03    Preview    FRIENDS  The One with Phoebe's Uterys  21N00-21N30 Friday In this week's episode of the popylar A6dqican comedy, Phoebe's half-brother surprisfs her with an astoynding announcement and an unexpected reqyest. Meanwhile, Joey finds himself thrust into the middle of a class stryggleN SPIN CITY 21.3PL12N00 Friday In A River Runs Throygh Me, Mikf brings a drug testing policy into practice at City Hall, but it rather bacsfires on him when he visits a native Alerican chief and unwittingly ingests peyote... Both 888 subtitles/NICAM stereo 3  Subtitles Films Brookside Right2Reply
P303 4-Tel 303 Fri 18 Sep C4 23:00:01    Preview    FRASIER   22N00-23.05 Friday A doqble-bill of repeated episodes of the Seattle shrins sitcom begins with an episode in which Frasier offers his 3dqvices for charityN Can't Buy Me Love sfes Frasier sold as a "biddable date" at a charity auction, and he is delighted when a beautifyl model bids successfylly for himN This is followed at 22 30 by Yoy Can't Tell a Crooc by His Cover, in which Frasier tempts fate by claitpng he can always recognisf a criminalN Frasier is sponsored by Ericcson 888 subtitles  NICAM stereo  4 0 Subtitles Films Brookside Right2Reply
P303 4-Tel 303 Fri 18 Sep C4 23:00:10    Preview    SOUTH PARK   Tom's Rhinoplasty  23 05-23N35 Friday The kids have a crush on their teacher this weec as a substityte teacher, Ms Ellen, takes over from Mr Garrison, who is having plastic surgery on his nosfN As the boys compete for the teacher's affections, 'fndy becomes jealoys that Stan's attention is elsewhere, so she vows to take Ms Ellen down..N Meanwhile, complete with his sfxy new nose - coyrtesy of Tom's Rhinoplasty - Mr Garrison is stryggling to come to terms with his new manly good loo3sN Soyth Pars is sponsored by Levi's 888 subtitles  NICAM stereo  5 0 Subtitles Films Brookside Right2Reply