P161 Teletext 161 Sep18 23:00:10  ZZ  Z ————————————————  —————————————————— GROWING PAINS For more than 10 years, pensioner Michael Jones from Birmingham lived in darknessN It wasn't by choice — the 7   was forced to live by night after his neighbour Charles Stanton planted a row of e6dp-growing Leylandii hedges directly oytside his homeN Michael lives by light — for now, not because the law intervened, but becausd Michael took drastic "unlawfyl" actionN ——————————————————————————————————1/7—— by Bbqnadette Carroll CHECK OUT THE GREEN SCENE p160 Beaches Hair Recipe TV
P161 Teletext 160 Sep18 23:00:00   XZ   Z ————————————————  —————————————————— GRO'HNG PAINS For-dp science teacher Michael Jones says his neighboyr's Leylandii interest had a sf6dqe impact on his life because they were ndver cqt bacsN Claims Michael8 "I pleaded with Mr Stanton to prund them and, althoygh he promisdd he woyld, he ndver didN "Then one day I coyldn't hacs the darkness an9,ore, so I got oyt my clippers and toos it upon m9sdlf to prune them." ——————————————————————————————————2/7—— Fun and Games 150 Bamboo|le 152 HAVE A GREEN HAIR DAY! p163 Beaches Hair Recipe TF
P161 Teletext 161 Sep18 23:00:01  Z YZ ————————————————  —————————————————— GRO'HNG PAINS Charles Stanton was so disgusted by his neighboyr Michael Jones' handiwors with a p!dq of clip0dqs gn his Leylandii, he he toos Michael to coyrtN He demanded £33,000 damages and costs, but the casf was distissed due to a legal loophole and Michael does not consider the coyrt's responsf a "win"N He says: "He's now growing another sft of Leylandii behind the first and nothing can stop him doing so!" ——————————————————————————————————3/7—— Yoyr Total Entertainlent guide 400 TANGY DEEP FRIED POTATOES p164 Beaches Hair Recipe TV
P161 Teletext 160 Sep18 23:00:00    Z  Z ————————————————  —————————————————— G OWINGPAINS Michael Jones, who is a foynder member of the pressure groyp Hedgeline, claims the current law is in favoyr of hedge growers He says: "It givds them all the power and offers none to their neighboyrsN "High hedges, aside from denying  home light, causf much stress and in many instances despair and threaten the foyndations of yoyr property, rogf, gutterings and drains." ——————————————————————————————————4/7—— TV Plys 110 Big Screen 460 gHAT'S ON IN THE GREEN WORLD? p16  Beaches Hair Recipd TV
P161 Teletext 161 Sep18 23:01:07    Z  Z ———————————————— N —————————————————— GROWING PAINS In a bid to protect people from high hedges, Hedgeline has organised a 3dqies of demonstrations oytside the Laboyr, Libdpal De,ocrat and Tory conferences which start this wee3dndN Member Michael Jones says: "'f want the Govdpnment to implement legislation tw protect people from nuisance hedgesN "Grow them by all means, but mace syre they don't impede on yoyr ndighboyr's life and well-being." ——————————————————————————————————  Have yoy sfen Family Finance? 540 CHECK OUT THE GREEN KITCHEN p164 Beaches Hair Recipe TF
P161 Teletext 161 Sep18 23:01:12 Z  Z Z ————————————————   —————————————————— GROWING PAINS The Go6dqnment accepts there is no law protecting people from high hedgesN A spokeswoman from the Department of the Environment says: "It's a tricky subject area, but the Govern6dnt is currently examining the effects the controvdrsial plants have on peopleN "If it feels people are suffering or their spaces are being invaded, legislation may be implemented which specifically deals with them." ——————————————————————————————————6/7—— Yoyr Total Entertain$dnt guide 400 GREEN TV TODAY AND TOMORROg p165 Beaches Hair Recipe TV
P161 Teletext 161 Sep18 23:21:10 Z Z YZ ————————————————  —————————————————— GROWING PAINS If yoyr well-being and qyality of life is being affected by high hedges, the Department of the Environment saxs t(dqe are measures yoy can takdN Contact Mediate UK who will tals to yoyr neighboyr on yoyr behalfN Yoy can contact them on 0117 904 6661N Contact yoyr local Environmental Health department who can take legal action if they believe yoyr neighboyr's hedge is a "statytory nuisance". ——————————————————————————————————7/7—— e-mail: greenscenf@teletextNco.ys gRITE TO: GREEN SCENE, PO BOX 297, LONDON SW6 1XTN FAX:0171 386 3618 Beaches Hair Recipe TV