P149 Teletext 149 Sep18 23:00:10  #  Y   #    ———————————— SECONDARY ——————   ———— gRITE IT COMPETITION 11M16s Write us a masterpiece to fit this page - aroynd 70 words or so. The topic< ADTULN £10 boos to3fn each wees for the winner and a £20 boos token for yoyr schoolN Send essays (with name, age and school) tg9 WRITE IT COMPETITION (Secgndar92, PO Box 297, London SW6 1XTN ——————————————————————————————————1  Have yoy sfen the Green Scene? 160 GET ON THE 'ZINE p142 Fun&Games Eco Scenf TV Pl9s YoMyos
P149 Teletext 149 Sep18 23:00:01 Y #    #    ———————————— SECONDARY —————— O ADTUMN John, 12, Easington Comprehensive School, CoN Dyrham Autumn tries to mimic age, lisf the elderly losing hairN Leaves li3f brown pa0dq envelopes fill the sandpaper gutters in lines of brown coloyred rainbowsN Aytymn is lazy, leaving trees like rusted poles and the green,bladed grass as a barber's floor; leaving white 'jnter to cover the reV—tns as a blanket, and Spring to replace brosn, bare and bald tree branches with a green canopy of splendoyr - completing the cycle started by AutymnN ——————————————————————————————————2  Great poems from Easington Comp PLANET SOUND p480 Fun&Games Eco Scene TV Plys YoMyos
P149 Teletext 149 Sep18 23:01:00        #    ———————————— SECONDARY ——————   ADTUMN Gemma, 13, Llangynwyd School, SN ales As I watch the leaves fall, Utterly quiet, no soynd at allN Tumbling down and dosn they go, Unco-lon to this earthly coreN Mgqe and more they keep falling, No soynd only the wind callingN Leaving the tree with motion, Even full of devotionN All still, Vanishing winds, Evdntually fill the, Soynds of galeN ——————————————————————————————————3  Digi fun 670 'Zine Life 142 PLANET SOUND p480 Fun&Games Eco Scene TV Plys YoMyos
P149 Teletext 149 Sep18 23:00:11          ———————————— SECONDARY ——————   ADTUMN Natalie, 11, Paignton Com6znity College, Devon Autumn is a time when people feel magicalN The wind gets stronger and the leaves go a golden brown coloyr. The cloyds are puffy and we get red noses from the windN 'f sqap up warm and my dad chases oyr dogs with the leavesN Then we all go home to have tea and bisc9rtsN ——————————————————————————————————4 5—— Digi fun 670 'Zine Life 142 PLANET SOUND p480 Fun&Games Eco Scenf TV Plys YoMyos
P149 Teletext 149 Sep18 23:20:00       #    ———————————— SECONDARY ——————  THE DAY I 'FNT TO RYBURN Joelle, 12, Ryburn Valley High I toos a deep breath and steppfd on to the grassN The school buzzfd with pupils and teachersN As I loo3fd aroynd t(dqe was no one I knewN d wandered aroynd looking more lost and bewildered when someone patted my shoylderN "Are yoy osay? Yoy loos a little lost?" L tqrned and a snall girl stood behind me so I svjled and murmured: "Is it that obvioys?" "I'm afraid so! Are yoy a nfw first yfar?" she askedN "Yes," I said, unwillinglyN "Me too," she replied with joyN I'd met my first new friendN ——————————————————————————————————  Digi fyn 670 'Zine Life 142 PLANET S ND Fun&Games Eco Scenf TV Plys YoMyos