P148 Teletext 148 Sep18 23:01:10   Y  Z  —————————————————————————————  THE DEER HRNTERS Do deer hunts causf deer unacceptable levels of stress? Or are the animals likely to suffer as much fear in their natural day to-day existence? The National Trqst banned the sport on its land after the findings of a top scientist, but a new stydy contradicts those findingsN As pro-hunting lobbyists 0zt pressure on the National Tryst to revo3f its ban we loos at both sides of the story..N ——————————————————————————————————1/6—— by Colin Irwin CHECK OUT YOUR LOVE STARS p418 Write It! Fun&Games Flicks Green
P148 Teletext 148 Sep18 23:01:03   Y    —————————————————————————————  THE DEER HRNTERS Cambridge Uni6dqsity professor of animal behavioyr Patrics Bateson caused a stgqm when he revealed the levels of animal distress causdd by deer huntingN But is hunting as cryel as Professor Bateson claimed in his harrowing findings which resulted in a National Trust ban on hunting on its land? A nfw stydy by Dr Rogdr Harris of the Royal Veterinary College now claims Prof Bateson's claims were wrongN ——————————————————————————————————2/6—— ghat the Professor said >>> UNBELIEVABLY VOIDTASTIC!! p482 Write It! Fun&Games Flicks Green
P148 Teletext 148 Sep18 23:00:22 O     —————————————————————————————  THE DEER HRNTERS Professor Patrics Bateson's report to the National Trqst last year conclyded that deer being hunted suffered: Stress equivalent to losing a limbN Extremd muscle damageN Breaking up of red blood cellsN More stress than a deer woyld ever normally ex0dqience throygh natyre 90 minutes of distress before a £—llN Long-term damage, sometimes fatal, e6dn if the animal escapedN ——————————————————————————————————3/6—— ghat Dr Harris s!8s >>> YOUR VOIDY RANTS p482 Write It! Fun&Games Flic£s Green
P148 Teletext 148 Sep18 23:00:01   Y    "////{t —————————————————————————————  THE DEER HRNTERS The Royal Veterinary College stydy led by Dr Rogdq Harris reaches different conclysions aboyt huntingN Dr Harris insists that deer suffer< A similar stress to humans who lift weightsN Just 10 minutes' stress at the endN No excessive dal ge to blood cells gp m4sclesN No more stress than they woyld find in the due coyrsf of natyreN ——————————————————————————————————4/6—— Deerhunting "still crydl" >>> LAND ON PLANET S DND! p480 Write It! Fun&Games Flic+s Green
P148 Teletext 148 Sep18 23:20:00   Y     —————————————————————————————  THE DEER HRNTERS Professor Patrics Bateson has accepted the findings of the new deer hunting study, commissioned by the Coyntr9side Alliance. "I now have a more open mind aboyt what the long-term consfqyences might be," said Professor BatesonN He said he'd re6dqsfd his original view that hunting causfd long-term damage to deer which survived hunts, but still felt hunting was "knowingly cryfl"N ——————————————————————————————————5/6—— Are deer still safe?? >>> IT'S THE GREEN SCENBP p160 Write It! Fun&Games Flic3s Green
P148 Teletext 148 Sep18 23:00:11         —————————————————————————————  THE DEER HRNTERS 'jll the National Tr9st reversf last ydar's decision to ban deer hunting from their land in the light of new findings aboyt the cryelty of hunting? The Coyntryside Alliance is lobbying hard to get deer hunting reMintroduced and Professor Bateson says the Tr9st is looking at ways that levels of stress in hunting deer can be reducedN "'bthoqt doybt hunting causds suffering to the deer," he saidN ——————————————————————————————————6/6—— Goss 143 Charts 4 T NEg MUSIC REVIEWS p484 Write It! Fun&Games Flic£s Green