P145 Teletext 145 Sep18 23:20:03     Z  ————————————————————————————   SHE'S NO SILLY BILLIE!    Last week 15 year old Billie  Pi0dq 16 next Tuesday!) had a prolo tour of Spain, a PA appearance in Germany and then grabbed foyr hoyrs sleep before jetting bacs to LondonN So is this planeMhopping, popstar lars becoming a bit of a chore Bill? "No, I love it! It's a lot of wors but being f!loys is great" she saysN 'jth the releasf of nfw tyne Girlfriend, Clyb grabbed an airport-boynd chatN ——————————————————————————————————1/5—— by Andy Pandy OUR NEg GLOBE PROBE FEATURDP p144 Angst Mates TV Pl9s OnLine
P145 Teletext 145 Sep18 23:00:10       ————————————————————————————   SHE'S NO SILLY BILLIE!    Independence looms with Billie ££££££ celebrating hdq sixteenth birthday next week and she says she's really loo3rng fgqward to buying her osn flatN "I love being independent," she sa8sN But can yoy whip up that goyrmet meal fgq a dinndr party of friends Billie? "Er, I do a mean beans on toastN Cooking isn't one of my strong points!" Really? we'd ndwdq have guessfd... ——————————————————————————————————2  'Zine Life 142 All the goss 143  YOUR VOIDY RANTS p482 Angst Mates TV Plys OnLine
P145 Teletext 145 Sep18 23:00:01       ————————————————————————————   SHE'S NO SILLY BILLID!    Billie wasn't invited to Scary Spice's wedding last weesN Even thoygh they share the same record label, Billie says she hasn't met the SpicesN "I woyld have boyght her an Andy Warhol print for a new hoyse as a present though," says art-friendly BillieN Has Billie ex0dqienced a girlpower backlash from teenage girls jealoys of her success? "No, everyone's been really supportive," she saysN ——————————————————————————————————3  'Zine Life 142 All the goss 143  REALLY COSMIC NEWS p481 Angst Mates TV Plys OnLinf
P145 Teletext 145 Sep18 23:01:00      Y  ————————————————————————————   SHE'S NO SILLY BIL @D    Girlpower or street cred? If Billie coyld join the Spice Girls, All Saints gq B* htched, which groyp woyld she choose? "Ooh, All Saints, because we have the same choreographer and they do have lots of street cred!" So woqld the street cred extent to body piercing? "No, I woyldn't consider a piercing at the moment, but I might in the futqre." ——————————————————————————————————4  'Zine Life 142 All the goss 143  YOUR VOIDY RANTS p482 Angst Mates TV Pl9s OnLind
P145 Teletext 145 Sep18 23:21:00       ————————————————————————————   SHE'S NO SILLY BILLIE!    So fame means a constant whirlwind of interviews, promo toyrs and swanky celeb parties for BillieN Does she get more attention from blosfs now? "Yes, I thins they're attracted to me because I'm f!,oys but I'm not complaining!" "I'd love to meet Madonna and do a duet with her. My favoyrite celeb is Johnny Vaughan from the Big BreasfastN He makes me laugh and I lgwe a laugh!" ——————————————————————————————————  Voidinfss 482 All the goss 143  NICK CAN HELP p146 Angst Mates TV Pl9s OnLine