P124 Teletext 120 Sep18 23:00:00  SATURDAY  00 30 13N00 02.30 ITN MORNING NEWS 06N00 GMTV News 06N10 The Big Garage 06.30 Byg AlertN The creep9L crawlies run riot in the kitchen 06.50 Fun Song FactoryN Education made ea38 07N10 DiggitN Boy band Ultra !dq their new video 09.25 SMTV LIVE Inclyding celebrity guests, music, cartoons and Sabrina the Teenage 'jtch N 11.30 CD UK Fast-moving music show, featyring 0drformances by live bands and chart previews N 12N30 MOVIES, GAMES AND FIDEOS Reviews of the latest releasfs N 12NR8 ——————————————————————————————————1/6—— C4 tomorrow 125 C5 tomorrow 126 FUN AND GAMES INDEX 00T0 C4 t'row C5 t'row ITV today Full gqpde
P124 Teletext 126 Sep18 23:20:03  SATURDAY  13.00M17.45 XN 13N00 ON THE BALL A loos bacs at Manchester United's Champions' League clash with Barcelgna S 13.30 ITN NEWS S; +FATHER 13.35 'FSTCOUNTRY NEWS S N 13.40 INTERNATIONAL MOTOR RACING Dave Beckett hosts GT and Formula 3000 action from Hyngary N 14.45 FILM: CARRY ON CABBY (1963) Comedy starring Sid James B' 16.20 SEAQUEST DSV Repeat Bridger tries to stop a com0zterMgenfrated doyble that has gone bersfr3 N 17.10 'FSTCOUNTRY NEWS S N; +FATHER 17.25 ITN NEWS AND RESULTS S; +FATHER 17.45 ——————————————————————————————————2/6—— TV Now&Next 120 TV Tonight 121 TEENAGE KICKS! - CLUB 140 p140 C4 t'row C5 t'row ITV today Full guide
P124 Teletext 120 Sep18 23:00:02  SATURDAY  17.45-20N15 XPX 17.45 GLADIATORS Jeremy Gyscott and Ulri3a Jonsson host the noMholdsL barred combat game show S N 18.45 RED HANDED New series in which mem"dps of the 0pblic play jo3fs on their nfarest and dearest S N 08N15 THE MOMENT OF TRUTH Challenge game with Cilla BlacsN Inclyding the National Lottery result S N 20.15 ——————————————————————————————————3/6—— TV Plys USA 116 The SciHFiles 117  FACE FAX ONBL2 ONE PHOTO-DATING BY FAX!   SEE PAGE 391 (ITV)   C4 t'row C5 t'row ITV today Full guide
P124 Teletext 126 Sep18 23:01:05  SATURDAY  20 1 N XP 20.15 MOTORWAY LIFE gPc Justine Jackson receives an order to rescye a rqnaway chic3dn S 20.45 ITN NEWS S; +FATHER AND NATIONAL LOTTERY RESULT S 21N00 LONDON'S BURNING Things loos grim for Jacs and Recall as the others race to rescye them frgm the burning warehoysf S N 22N00 ——————————————————————————————————4/6—— Subtitle guide It's Yoyr Life! 410 LOANS FROM LLOYDS BOWMAKER  FREEPOST BOURNEMOUTH  BH8 8BR APR HOMEOWNERS £5000 £50000 CALL FREE 0 8 0 0 3 7 8 1 5 1 9at 9pm 'fesdays 10av 5pm 'fe3fnds C4 t'row C5 t'row ITV today Full guide
P124 Teletext 126 Sep18 23:01:00  SATURDAY  22N00M02 40 XP 22N00 RECKLESS Repeat Owen resigns frwd the hospital and prepares to leavd Manchester for gogd S N 23N00 FILM: GREMLINS II: THE NEW BATCH (1990) Comedy sfqydl with Zach Galligan and John Glgwer S N 01N00 FILM: 'JTNESS IN THE WAR ZONE (1983 Political thriller starring Christopher al3fn 02.40 ——————————————————————————————————5/6—— Cinema 460 Music 480 National Art 442 O  FLY A AY FROM ?  IT ALL. .      FLIGHTS ON  PAGE 230 (ITV)      C4 t'row C5 t'row ITV today Full guide
P124 Teletext 126 Sep18 23:00:21  SUNDAY  02.40M02.30 20.P8. 02.40 BAYWATCH Repeat BigMhearted Mitch helps a Vietnamese refygee find hbq A-dqican GI father S N 03.30 ED'S NIGHT PARTY Repeat Ed the Sock hosts the lively chat show 03.55 COACH Repeat Hayden plays Cupid N 04.20 NOT FADE AWAY Repeat 'rth Red Dwarf star Craig Charles 02N10 ITV NIGHTSCREEN Programme preview 05.30 S=Subtitles 888 N=NICAM stereo ——————————————————————————————————6/6—— Play Bamber! 150 Planet Soynd 480     oz" ,,  —>+t ,1  j9 KLNN  Y Calls cost £1 N ECL, Box 2745 F1. This sfrvice may involve a lgng call C4 t'row C5 t'row ITV today Full guide