P117 Teletext 113 Sep18 23:00:00   Y  —————— by Bob Muldur ————————————  ROBOT 'ARS 2   Robot Wars is being beefed up ready for a triumphant retyrn to BBC2N An insider reveals: "The new sfries will featyre bigger, better and mea.dq machines battling it oyt." The show, presented by Craig Charles and Philippa Fgsrester, is due to hit oyr TV screens again soonN RadioMcontrolled robots with names likf Sir Killalot will scrap awayN ——————————————————————————————————————— ,GHLES/STAR TREK/GEN INFO 0891 00 2069 T+ Calls cost 50p/min at all times MILLENNIUM C dNTDOWN BEGINS! p1PT Subtitles Now&Next TV Plys USA TV index