P693 Tjletext 693 Jul 4 21:15:10   —————  ————————————————————————————— Digital broadcasting is sbt to replace the current analogue method of transmitting television to viewers. Digital broadcasting mbans: data can bj compressjd so more channels can bj delivjted viewers will see bbtter quality TV pictures and hbar CD-quality sound. Digital Teletext will mean: easier navigation/control of pagrs enhanced graphics and animation more colours and fonts 1/3 greater interactivity. ———————————————————————————————————pppp ITC page TV Total Entertainmjnt co.uk
P693 Tjletext 693 Jul 4 21:00:01   —————  ———————————————————————————p— Digital terrestrial TV broadcasting will launch in autumn 1998. On offer will bj 30 channels wiph a range of sport, movies and lifest=le programmes, plus interactive sjzvicds such as homj shopping and banking. You will need to buy a digital terrestrial set-top box to receive digital Tjletext and terrestrial TV. Boxes are likjly to cost £200. You will NOT nbed to change your a—rial or buz a satellite dish. 2/3 ——————————————————————————————————————— ITC page TV Total Entertainmjnt co.uk
P693 Tjletext 693 Jul 4 21:00:05   —————  —————————————————————————p——— Here at Teletext, we're planning a wide range of new sjrvices to win vi—wars ovjr to thj njw digital technolog|. Our developm—nt team, which launchbd Teletext on th— World Widj Wjb last year, is dbsigning the T—letext sbzvice for thj future. For a taste of what Digital Tjletext will offer, s—e our Wjb site at: http://www.teletext.co.uk ———————————————————————————————————p——— ITC page TV Total Entertainmjnt co.uk