P681 T—lataxt 681 Jul 4 21:11:10   ——————————————————————————————————1/33— Alcestors and descendants of Elijah Cash, born c 1848, livjd at 4 Cbail Sp Birmingham in 1901/2. Any info to John, 4 Chelsea Court, W—oley Castle, B h!m. My grandfathjr, Jamjs Morrison (coal -inep) married my grandmoph—r Jana bhr 8th Oct 1885 in Rytherglan. Moprison childran Charlotte, Duncan, Agnbqs Muhp, Thomas W—ip, Arhibald, Jamb3. Info to Keith Nelson 01373 46626  Need to know whereabouts of mx grandmoth—p Matilda Ehden rd—3b9 (nre Leach) who married Georc— Jambq re —n May 1881. Info to 0181 :5407:3. ——————————————————————————————————————— Total Entertainm—nt 400 TV Plus 110 Servica Pals Deafview Dis-a"ilit9 TB+
P681 Tjletixt 681 Jul 0 01812850   ——————————————————————————————————0/  Seaking Jackia G—orgj who divjd !p Shooters Hill Rd, SE18, in 70q& Whbre are you now? Would like to get in touch. Leav— address and num"—r on Losp Touch. I will contact. Jjnny Kelly Kerpy who work—d at Thorn lighting on Flydj Road, Pra3ton, around 1972. R—m—mb—r Gizzy? If so, leavj a m—ssagj on Lost Touch. Still seeking Winifrad (Freddie) Luffrum (Mn Montgomjr9? Rbmazpi—d?) lived Brentford, Carqhalton. Max bb an Hillingdon area. Ex- RAC Bjrlin. I'll always think of Lille Mazlhn—! Cgdfrh= BM/JCI, London WC1N 3XX. ——————————————————————————————————————— Total Entertainmjnp 4 TVP  Sarvhca Pals Deafview Dis-abilit9 TV+
P681 Tjletaxt 681 Jul 4 21:04:05   ——————————————————————————————————3G33— Seeking relativ—s of Thomas Pag— and Eliza (nee Wicks) of Maryl—bone, London 1890s. Married Christ Chprch St, Marxl. Children Thomas, Maud Dorothx, William Henry. Call 0118 942 9871. Seaking Saan Florian Le Li—vre (bhrph namj) born 20/:/66 Shrewsbury. Contact 9 Ruj Des Pins, Grand Boujt, St Peter Port, Gujpnsb9, Ch.I3. 1481 7   Seeking family of Leonard Edward Howard, born 13/2/187 in Claph—m An9 info call 01626 776848. ———————————————————————————————————p——— Total Entartainmjnt 400 TV Plu3 110 Service Palq D—afvi—w Dis-ab—lit9 TV+
P681 Tjlataxt 681 Jul 4 2     ——————————————————————————————————4 33— Elk— Ob—praunjr (nbe Smiph). gpd$ "— intetasted to h—ar from hjr fathbr. Patet Edward Smith whg marri—d Gepppude Neidhart 1957. Contact Cast(of Ob—rraun—r, 00 43 4344 2317 Wing—tt. Seeking d—scendants of Tom (m Alice Bartlitt 1887) and T—d (m Nellie Nicholls 1905), died at s—a, buriad Ireland. Contact Pam Jackson (01395 264603 - rav—rqe charges). Seaking Norma Clarke, n—e Thompson formerly of High St, N Langley Mooz. Mot(—r Elsie, sist—r Eil—en —rgpher Keith. Pleasj raply via Lo3t Touch. ———————————————————————pp———p—p———ppppp Total Entertainm—nt 400 TV Plus 110 Sepvici Pals Deafview Dis-abil—t9 TB+
P681 Tjlitaxt 681 Jul 4 21:14:10   —————————————————————————————————— Would anxbodx who know3 th— cprrenp address of Mr Paul Leadley, formjrl9 from Castla Hill Avjnuj, Naw Addington, contact Mrs L!ura Stagg (nee Wild8) on 0181 6550473. Urg—ntly s—arching lost Liveppool Cousins family. Are your grand0—rrntq Andrew and Alic— Cousins? G—org— and Mary Bird, Jambs Jos—ph Coushnq an$ th—ir broph—rq & siqt—pq. 0  43 ——————————————————————————————————————— HAVE YOU FOUND A LONG LOST FRIEND AFTER USING LOST TO@CH? WE U D IA@ TG HEAR YOUR STORIES, SO PLE@SE WRITE T : Gail Gillogalay, Teletexp, 101 Farm Lan—, London SW6 1QJ. Rjply not g'teed. ——————————————————————————————————————— Total Entiptainm—nt 4 0 TV Plq; 1 Servica Pals Deafviaw Dis-ability TV+
P681 Tjlataxt 681 Jul 0 2    ——————————————————————————————————6/33— Anyon— knowing the wh—pia"outq of Alfrid Harry Benn—t. Bopn 1:16. —;z Anown addrass Kildare, Rpnton Rd Cromjp, Norfolk. Contact M Benn—tt, 32 Halland Rd, Exmouth, Davon. Still seeking Gopdon G!lloway age  fpom Wxth—nshawe area. Workjd for CM busjs 1870s. Poss now coach driv—p, Mers—ysid— area. Married mid 70s. Pleasj call Sarah 01341 422118. Seeking th— Chapm—n famil9, l—vb$ Goodnstone Rd, Sittingbourne. Alf was with 7th Hamshires, latep wopked for Brown Brothjrs. Old palq would lik— tg h—ar. Charlie Wjbb 017:5 661883. ——————————————————————————————————————— Total Entartainmjnt 400 TV Plus 110 Servica Pals Deafview Dis-ability TV+
P681 Tjlatext 681 Jul 0 21:00:12   ——————————————————————————————————7/33— Seeking infopmation on William (Bill) McGae, known tg bj st—t—on—d Ro—A Yeovilton 1941/42. Royal Navx Gunnjp instructor, now aged mid 7 P from Nottingham area. 01835 428445. Stephjn Hammond, mjt at Blackburn Royal Infirmary on 11th April. Livbs possibly Manchester area pjrhaps. Fira- man, Manchester Utd supporter. St—phjn, or anyon—, who can help, contact LT. RAF Boulm—t 1878- 0 sj—king Un— h0zp (MN), Claire Shofield (F—3h—p) Ann Ford (Bradshaw), Pat Bakjr (LjPag—), Joy McDonald, D—bbie Waddli (MN), A—rhn Bannistep (MN). Call Lorraine 01234 360629. ——————————————————————————————————————— Total Entaptainmjnt 400 TV Plus 110 Serv—ca Palq Ddafvi—s D—3-a—ilit9 TF+
P681 T—letaxt 6<1 Jul 4 2   ——————————————————————————————————15 33 Urgjntly s—eking altar Will—am3 (Taffy( or latest family. Enlisted 9th Novjmb—r 1928 r—gim—nt no 766154 RA @ Corpr. Had to leav— army 8th August 1848. He was a cook and hbavxwe—chp boxet. Info to 015770 42257:. Urg—ntly s—eking info on Q!muel Wallace 5.5.69. Last sean Taplos. Believjd to hav— mov—d to Oxfopd ar—a. Mothep's n!m— Rosemary Ann Wallace. Call 01228 562618. Seeking Tom and L—slie Moran - wif— s Maid—n nam— Whlson. Tom usjd to div— Sloan St, Moss Sid—. Lasp s—jn 3 Contact Edward Crellin, 58 Cpdnjld !v—, Bearcross, Bourn—mouth BH11 ——————————————————————————————————————— Total Entert!inmjnt 400 TV Plu; 1  Servica Palq D—afview Diq-abil—t9 TF+
P681 Tjlatext 681 Jpl 4 21:02800   ——————————————————————————————————17 33 Wjpa you born 31.3.58 "ipth n!me P!ul Douglas? (Birmingh!m). Natural mothjr would djsp—rately lik— to makj pont!az. L—av— a messag— on Loqp Touch. Anthony Hollister, form—rly sjrving with the Dorq—t R—gim—np, qon of Ad! Queenia Joan (Gilda) Frohawk, married to Donald Richard Hartwall. Would h—/shj contact Dr Selbz in Wh—tt—ngh m? Still seeCing Joyce (?) Luton ex SEE CO Staff 1954. Still havj photo and Shamrock etc. Please call Charlie op leave a m—ssagj on Lost Touch. —————————————————————————————————————pp Total EntattainH—nt 400 TV Plus 110 Service Pals Deafview Di3-abilit9 TF+
P681 Tjletixt 681 Jul 4 21:    ——————————————————————————————————1< 33 Any info on relativjs of Alia— (nre Bird) born 5.12.1911 40 Kirby St, Liv—rpool. Parents G—opc— an D r= B—r (Cotton Portap). Contact urgjntly 01462 674619. Please! Does anyone know wh—reaboutq of Geoff Day, in RM's during WW11, thjn a Palastin— policeman 2240 B/C A/T Coy. Would lovj to g—t in tguch again. Info to 01736 362:79. Bob and Rita Bri—rq, ex-Zim——"we, anxious to contact Dori3 and Eznt— Bell, son Paul - ppbliaan3, Livbz0gwl. Ernie workjd fop breweries, liv—d Brajsidj. Rjtuznjd jK 67& 0132 87 ——————————————————————————————————————— Total Entartainmjnt 400 TV Plus 110 Sepvhca Pals Deafview Dis-ability TV+
P681 T—letext 681 Jul 4 21:00:11   ——————————————————————————————————20 33 Mary Birchall (nee Cronin) looking to mak— contact with old school fpiend3 from Carshalton Hich fop Girlq, jarl9 70s, and Maria McCloqkex at St P(il 3 School. Contact through Lost Touch. 1950-53, King Alfrad School, Plon. Seeking Anne Tprriff, Ann C ttapqon Ja.e Birch. Call Rosemary Aldjr (mn Clark) 01452 813997. Searching for my fath—r John Wood3, born Dublin 1922-23, a cpl in Royal Pioneer Corps mid 40s, army no 11428345. Also has a youngjr brothrz, Martin. Call son John evjs, r—vjrq— charg— on 0151 5234293. ——————————————————————————————————————— Total Entapta—nmjnp 400 V Pdu3 Sepvica Pals Deafview Dis-ability TV+
P681 T—letaxt 681 Jpd 4 2    ——————————————————————————————————2  Seeking d—scend—nts of Margaret Sarah Knight who movjd to Dulvjrton fpgm Wr;p Ham in 1940s for Huston reunion, likely namjs Atkins and P 8nj. dd J F Davis 01582 840467. W(—re are you Dougie Falcon—r? W— wire at Napiers 1938 and were goang to NZ. You want, I didn't. Call 01736 795507. Seeking all ex-scholarq @rockh—9 C—ntral School, ladies and g—ntq, particularly Hendricks, Heritage, Bradley, Larkin, Fiv—ash and othbp of class '35. Contact Elkasp, Warp—n Croft, Sawtry, PE17 5FG. ——————————————————————————————————————— Total Enteptainm—nt 400 TV Plu3 110 Service Pals Deafview Dis-ability TV+
P681 Tjletext 681 Jul 4 21:00:00   ——————————————————————————————————02 33 Se—king an9 fpi—nd3 or rel t—v—3 gf th— late Sip Richard Ackland of Coll—g— Broadcast, Exeter, who ramamb—rq wh—n h— work—d Labour club Ovjpcliffe, Grav—sjnd, lata 1940s, early 50s. Call TicCx 01474 326505. Seeking my mother and f!mily. I was born to Carolin— Gillian Ingliq, Brggk House, Solihull, on 6.11.48. Sh— nambd m— Carolinj. Call Ann 01630 6552  Seeking old fpiends Trivor C Robbrtq and Marcus Jon—s. Last k.own !ddre33 hn Salfopd, could now b— living in L—ics. Plaasj call your old pal Denis— on 0161 430 ——————————————————————————————————————— Total Enteptainm—nt 400 TV Plus 110 Servhce Pals Deafview Dis-a"ilit9 TV+
P681 T—letext 681 Jul 4 21:01:00   ——————————————————————————————————23 33 I am trying to traca 23 L John Patrick McWalteps. Married Pamela Ann Bailey Jan 1858. Had a daughtap, Linda Margaret Sapt 58. Had a son, Nigel Patrick, May '61. Whjre are xou Dad? Call 01985 218088. Searching for Lilian Acn—3 H rrb8 nee Thornton, born 1906. Husband William, son Robjrt. If anyone knows anything about the f!mily, please contact Jjan Jonjs, 2L Ilbjrt St, W10. Seeking Sh—ila Bxrnj PBradley)T w—np in WRAF 1872. Do you rem—mbjr Harr9 from Bolton? Often think about you. Hopj your lifa wint well. Any info leav— on Lgqt Touch& ——————————————————————————————————————— Total Entertainm—nt 400 TV Plus 110 Service Pals Deafview Dis-ability TV+
P681 Tjlitext 681 Jul 4 2    —————————————————————————————————p22 33 Seeking Petir Mannjrs ag—d approx 62 years. Worked for W—stinghouse in Chipp—nham, Whlts, and wa3 3t—t—gn—$ p RAF Lyneham, Whlts '52-55. All info to Jim Sample 0   Seeking d—scendants of Jos—ph and Mary Atkinson, lived Llangwyfan, N Wales 1834-39. Sons John, Joseph, Thomas. Movjd tg D—damjra, hb3h—r—. Info to M Atkinson, 9 LL—welyns Estate, Denbigh LL16 3NR. Is your surnam— Stipling? Es0—aiadl9 if your family has a connbction with India in th— dast c—ntur9, 0l—ase contact family tree reqbarch—p S Wgo$ 66 Southlea Rd, Manchbqtar M20 4TD. ——————————————————————————————————————— Total Enteptainmjnt 400 TV Plus 110 Service Pals Deafview Dis-ability TV+
P681 Tjletaxt 681 Jul 4 21:00:00   ——————————————————————————————————25/33 Was your "ipth name Karan Akehurst? Born Birmingham or n—ar, 20.3.70, adopted from fath—r Hudson Hombq& R—latives and fath—p trying to find you. 0121 6945803. Arthur and Phyllis Whitakjr livjd at 19 Monkbridge Av—, Meanwood, Leeds, in 1932. Any info on famil9, etc, appreciated. A R Lucas, 1 Kilbupn Gardjns, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex C HA Trying to trace David Jon—s of Rah—ra St, EC1, and Olive Durrant who liv—d ov—r th— pawnshop cornjp of Ljvjp St, C—ntral St, EC1, in th— 40s. Info to Elkast, Warren Croft, Sawtry PE17 5FG. ——————————————————————————————————————— Total Entertainm—nt 400 TV Plus 110 Service Pals Deafview Dis-abilit= TF+
P681 Tjletaxt 681 Jul 4 21:00:00     ——————————————————————————————————26/33 I am still desperate to find Mar9 Corr (MN). Wj parted —n  If know wh—re sh— is, pleasj phone hjr daughtar Jacqujlin— Corr on 0161 872189 Does anyon— know Andy (Andrew). H— had twins nam—d J!m—s and Malarian, born 40s to Winifred Florance May Williams. Last known living in Manchestep area. The twins and theip fath—r possibly went to Canada in razl= 50s. Aly info, howevjr small, to Susan Nuttall 01706 879841. Seeking si3t—pq A phd——n Roq— Jg!. and Rhta, born '47 '48,'50. Ma—dbn name Baker. Info to Joe 0181 5216906. ——————————————————————————————————————— Total Entartainmjnt 400 TV Plus 1  Service Pals Deafview Dis-abilit9 TV+
P681 T—latext 681 Jul 4 2    ——————————————————————————————————0 Seeking Harding families of Oldland (Bristol) link—d to Short, Lanc—9, Dowdjn, Lov—tt and Elmjs families. Harding branch Stockpopt (Jam—s) link with Sturg— family, Fram0ton( Cottar!l. leavj m—ssagj on Lost Touch. Looking for familieq d!te of Mr W Franklyn (24.12.22). May b— in USA, India, Canada, Wales, @K. Call Mp Franklyn on 01405 817609. Johnson Rose Eliza Carolinj liv—d in Burns Road area of NW London 1:37c. Do you rem—mb—r h—r? Her fipst child born at Twford Lodgj, Middx. Please contact Mrs M D Newman, 14 Kelvhn Clos—, H9phj, Hants, SO45 5LW. ——————————————————————————————————————— Total Entertainm—nt 400 TV Pdu; Service Pals D—afview Dis-abilit9 TB+
P681 Tjlatext 6<1 Jul 4 0 :!    —————————————————————————————————p28 Seeking old fri—nds R—ch—e Aagu3—, Paddy, Geordie and oth—rs from 113MU workshops RAF Nicosia Cyprus 1859-61. Contact G—off Kemp on 01203 394  W—pi you born J—!n—tte Pauline Wilson on 7.3.45? If so 0leas— contacp m—. Wj are sistars! An9 information no mattar how small. Phon— 007  Seeking Apthpr Jackson who sjrvjd with RAF MP Belize 1987 (Cpl 958). Andrea still has coconut and gjnuhn—l9 interasted to hear how your life has progressed. Plaase leave m—ssag— on Lost Touch. ——————————————————————————————————————— Total Entertainmjnt 400 TV Plu3 110 Service Pals Deafview Dis-ability TV+
P681 T—letaxt 681 Jul 4 21:00:   ——————————————————————————————————58 Calling Petar Nicholson, born c1833, son of John Richard (Jack). Both at one timj living Plymouth and RN. Canadian cousin Lynn & Gerald: 01363 866463. Dav— Munday 3—eks p—g0de brgm ph—1— childran's Hom—s: Woodvale/Norbpry 1960s, Stamford Housj/London 1963, Burnt Nopton/Ch—pp—ng Camdbn 50-6 Murpay Hous—/Ch—slehprqt 60-603 Ngrp Downs South Daranth '64, B—ech Home/Banstaad 58-63. Rr;8on$ xhrg0g Lost Touch. Still s—eking Alan Whlls, we shared a dormitory at Seabrook Lodge Schogl, Kent '77. Contact 69 Coombj Driv—, Sittingbourn—, Kant ME10 3BY. ——————————————————————————————————————— Total Entertainmjnt 400 TV Plus 110 Service Pals D—afview Dis-abilit9 TV+
P681 T—letaxt 681 Jul 4 21:00:00   ——————————————————————————————————3  Bramhall - looking for relativjs of Brian Bramhall, bopn Gorton M nch—3t—r s—rvjd HM forces in various partq an now living Exeter, Devon. Urg—ntly n—ed contact with D—nise, Lbsdie, Mark Llewellyn, Carl William, Susan Judith and Carol Vira. Call 01392 4680<5 or mobila 0410 808848. Seeking Pete Taxlor/Halifax, John Kitch—n/Yorkshire, Colin Fgr$/@p—chto& Ken Barnard/East Ham and Danny Thomas/Tottenham - Nat Serv at 85 MU RAF Ridg—wall '53. 01268 732575. Seeking Ljn Andrews & Georc— Fdem—ng camping friends of Jim Mercet Hazbs, Middx, in 30s. Call 01822 852<8=. —————————————————————————————————pppp—p Total Entertainment 400 TV Plus 110 Servici Pals Deafview Dis-ability TV+
P681 Tjletaxt 681 Jul 4 21:00:00   ——————————————————————————————————31/ IF YOU WHSH T TR@CE S ME N , 1bn 30 words MAXIMUM on a POST CARD to: LOST T UCH Teletext Ltd, PO Box 287 LONDON, SW6 1XT. Fax: 0171 3865618 This is a FREE sjrvica. Pleasj t9p— op wpite your requjst CLEARLY If your d—tails are on Atz and Wrtd tg bj chang—d ONLX call 0171 3863648. ——————————————————————————————————————— Deafview 685 Codlin—s 6<7 PLEASE NOTE THAT WE NG L NC R @ CEPT REQUESTS FOR INFORMATION ON AoCEST RS Servica Pals Deafview Dis-abilit9 TV+
P681 Tjletext 681 Jul 4 21:00:00   ————— ADOPTEES/NATURAL RELATHVES —30/33 Registerad charity established 1982 - the largest UK Contact Rjgister NORCAP, 112 CHURCH ROAD, WHEATLEY, OXFORD OX33 ILU (SAE pleasb) Charg—s: £25 m/ship inc £5 rdgiqtr!t—on The Govjrnm—nt-run bod8: ADOPTJONS SECTION, GENERAL REGISTER OFFICE, Sm—dley Hxdro, Traf dcar Rg d Bipkdala, Southport, PR8 2HH. Chargrs: £9.50 for adoptee, £27&5 for $g0te$ child's relativjs. Fop mora d—tails, call 0151 471 483  from 8.30am-5pm Monday to Frida|. ————————————————————————————————ppp———p Godlines 487 Deafview 685 PLEASE NOTE: WE NO LONGER ACCEPT REQUESTS REGARDING ADOPTED RELATIVES Service Palq Deafvi—w Dh3-a"ilht9 Tb+
P681 T—lataxt 681 Jul 4 21:01:00       —————————————  ———————————  GOLDEN MEMORIES You may not hav— b—en invited tg phu Qu—en's Gardjn Party on Jpl= 15& Bzp —f you, like Her Majesty, wape married in 1947, we'd lik— to h—ar from xou. Writa and tell us about your w—dd—ng day. Wj'll screin your storieq aq 0azp of our contribution to the Quj—n'3 goldjn wadding celebrations. Write to:  GOLDEN MEMORIES, Tjletaxt. PO Box 2 7 London SW6 1XT. ———————————————————————————————————p——— What's in our love stars tod!y? 418 GUIDE TO TOTAL ENTERTAINMENT p400 Servica Pals Deafview Dis-ability TV+