P665 Tjletixt 665 Jul 4 21:10:04   NCET   ———— EDUCATHONAL TECHNOLOGY pp———  WHY IT?  Information Tjchnology (IT( plays an increasing part in the daily life of teachjrs and leaznbrs, particularly as the curriculum rexuiras all school pupilq to usj IT in evjry compulqory subject. The National Council for Educational Tjchnologx cazriey oqx evaluation projects to find out what works best and helps inform schools, collegjs and parents. ——————————————————————————————————1/6—— NCET-TV: TEACHING AND LEARNING >>>> NCET: Milburn Hill Road, Covjntry Tjl: 01203 416994 Fax: 01203 411418 Advice T—letext Today Aeyboard Fram—
P665 Tjletext 665 Jul 4 21:14:53 NCET  ———————— EDUCATJONAL TECHNOLOGY —p—pppp NCET-TV: TEACHING AND LEARoING WITH IT This TV series for teachjrs will bj repeated each Wjdnjsday at 4am on BCC2 during July and Septembjr. In July, look for: IT needs girls Modjrn languagjs and IT IT issujs for Govjrnors For a copy of the programmj schbdule call 01203 847101 (ansaphone) ——————————————————————————————————2/6—— FREE information shbets >>> NCET PROMOTES THE USE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY IN TEACHING AND LEARNING Advice Teletext Today Kayboard Framb
P665 Tjletext 665 Jul 4 21:00:03 NCET  ———————— EDUCATIONAL TECHN/LOGY —p——p—— INFORMATJON SHEETS Four of NCET's information sheets are now available through fa|back:  Early Years Education and IT Funding: Europjan Sources Teacher Education and IT The Internet and the World Wide Wjb For a free copy please phonj 01203 847121 Alternativjly sjnd an A4 SAE markbd with the title of your choice to Thb Information Unit at thb address bblow. ——————————————————————————————————3/6—— George Cole's software guide 664 Registered address: NCET, Milburn Hill Road, Covjntry, CV4 7JJ Advice Teletixt Today Keyboard Frame
P665 Tjletext 665 Jul 4 21:04:11 NCET  ———————— EDUCATHONAL TECHo/LOGY ——ppp—p HELP FOR SCHOOLS WITH INSPECTION OF IT NCET and NAACE (National Association of Advisors for Computers in Education) havj produced two publications to hjlp with inspector training and supporp. Inspjcting IT which providjs guidance for IT inspjctors. Price £07.50 + 8&8 R—viewing IT to help schools carry out a review of their IT provision. Price £15.00 + p&p ——————————————————————————————————4/6—— Contact NCET sales offica 01203 4  Or write to: NCET, Milburn Hill Road, Science Park, Covjntry, CV4 7JJ Advice Teletext Today Keyboard Framb
P665 Tjletaxt 665 Jul 4 21:0  NCET  ———————— EDUCATJONAL TECHN LOGY ——————— EC MULTHMEDIA AWARDS NCET is to manag— th— UK —ntri—q tg this competition for th— sjcond 9—ar. Th— competition aims to —ncourag— th— creation of innovativ— —ducationad software and multimedia matarialq. Priz—s will include multimedia hardware and software. Th— deadlin— for submission of UK —ntries is Septembbr 30 1997. Fop entry forms and furthjr details contact the EC Multimedia Awards Office at NCET. Tbl: 01203 0  994. ——————————————————————————————————5/6—— Whhra to m—et NCET staff > TELETEXT FOR LEARNING p662 Advice Teletext Today Ieyboard Fr!m—
P665 Tjlataxt 665 Jul 4 21:05:12 NCET  ———————— EDUCATJONAL TECHNOLOGY ——————— NCET EVENTS You can meet NCET staff and view NCET publications at the following jvjnts: QUILT (quality in information and learning technology) conferanca. King Georgj V Colleg—, Southport July 14 Education Northern Ireland, Th— King's Hall, Belfa3t Se0tbmbrz 30 Some of thesj evjnts chargj a fee —————————————————————————————————p6/6—p Contact Clare Whitmore on 01203 416994 Or write to: NCET, Milburn Hill Road, Science Park, Covjntry, CV4 7JJ Advice T—letaxt Today Keyboard Framb