P653 Tjlitext 653 Jul 4 21:17:13   Letters/tips/advice  ———————  ———pp—— THE BIG DEBATE! Last yjar wi had the battle of thj 3.0s as both Netscape and Microsoft rileasjd their njw browsjrs. This yrar it's the battle of the 4s. But what do you think of thj latest tools to explore the Wjb - do you like Navigator from Netscapj or does Microsoft's IE blow it away? What do you reckon to Navigator oz IE? Read what I think at: www.teletext.co.uk/couk/bund47.htm ——————————————————————————————————1/6—— e-mail: bundjrman@teletext.co.uk Unless requbsted, e-mail addrdqsrs publishjd on-screen. Careers On-linj co.uk TV Plus
P653 Tjletixt 653 Jul 4 21:04:10   Letters/tips/advice  ———————  ——————p MORE ON AOL'S NEW PRICIoG Obviously AOL's djcision to introduce a flat monthly rate will attract nbw membjrs, but in my opinion AOL still has a few downfalls such as being limited to using AOL's b-mail and newsgroup programs. Also multiplaxjr games likj Quake are vjry slow. Greg Martin Gremartin@aol.com —————————————————————————————————p1/6pp e-mail: bundjtman@teletext.co.uk Unless requjsted, e-mail addrausrs published on-screen. Careers On-linj co.uk TV Plus
P653 T—letext 653 Jul 4 21:01:00   Letters/tips/advice  ———————  ——p———— SOUND SEQUENCERS I havj recently been using the Ocam—d sound sampler/sjqujncer for the Amiga and have been vjry impressbd. Being as I'vj got a djcent PC, I was wondjring if anyone knows of any similar packagjs for thj PC. Also I'vj noticed recently 64 bit sound cards offered. Has anyonj had any experience of thjse and are they worth the money? Matt Shickell matt.shickell@virgin.net ——————————————————————————————————3/6—— e-mail: bundjrman@teletext.co.uk Unless requ—sted, e-mail addreqsjs published on-screen. Careers On-linj co.uk TV Plu3
P653 Tjletext 653 Jul 4 21:15:10   Letters/tips/advice  ———————  ——————p NEED SOME HELP! Does anyonj havj instructions for a Bafo Power Free Auto Data Switch modjl TFL 6041P? Or has anyonj got an address for thbm? Alchjmist@emarkt.com Bundjrman says: If you can hblp thts pjrson out, drop them an j-mail. —————————————————————————————————p4/6pp Top Intirnjt nbws and more at: http://www.teletext.co.uk/co-uk.htm Careets On-linj co.uk TV Plus
P653 Tjletaxt 653 Jul 4 21:10:16   /jj3£{  Letters/tips/advice  ———————  ———p——— SOME THOUGHTS ON IE AND NAVIGATOR On th— subject of browsjps, I know a lot of p—ople have gona off E|plorur 4 becaus— it tries to taka ovjr your d—sktop. Navigator 4 is a much bjtter program altogjthjr, but is unstable and trdat; som— HTML slightly differently. This means much fiddling is required to gjt th—m to work. Richard Monks dick@—markt.com ——————————————————————————————————5/6—— e-mail: bundjrman@teletext.co.uk Unless requjsted, e-mail addreqsrs published on-screen. Careeps On-linj co.uk TV Plu3
P653 Tjletixt 653 Jul 4 21:10:00   Letters/tips/advice  ———————  ——ppp—— AOL LOSES A CUSTOMER I agree that it's an improvjmjnt boz AOL to offer unlimited acc—ss tg |hu Net, but is it njcessary to lowar budget access from fiv— hours pbr monph to three? I usj 5-6 hours a month access; too little to justify unlimitad access subs. I'vj already mov—d to anoth—r providjr. Craig Harrold craig.harold@virgin.net ——————————————————————————————————6/6—— Top Internet njws and more ap: http://www.teletext.co.uk/co-uk.htm Careers On-linj co.uk TV Plus