P544 Tblatext 544 Jul 4 21:01:00        —— PROPERTX UPDATE ————————————————————  Th— Bank of England holds its monthly interest rate meeting next week with most exp—rts forecasting a furthjr interest rate rise following thb Bzdgbz "Consumer growth is outstripping and driving economic growth," says NatWjst stockbrokjr Jepemy Batstonj. "I believe thj Chancellor should havj been tougher on the consumjr, as it was consum—rs got away scot free with no measures taken to calm consumer dbmand" ——————————————————————————————————1/6—— by Lorne Spicer FUN AND GAMES INDEX p150 Mortgagas Savings Your Mon—y TV Plus
P544 Tjletixt 544 Jul 4 21:10:00        —— PROPERTZ UPDATE ————————————————————  "The Governmjnt has quite obviously left it to thj Bank of England to qujll consumjr spjnding and gjt pjople to savj not spjnd," says Jjremy Batstonj. "And that means intirest rates will rise, starting njxt week. I expjct a 7% basj rate by thj jnd of thj yjar," "I think that will probably be hikh enough, although of coursj in thb past it's taken rate risjs of nearer 15% to get consumjr spjnding down!" he adds. ——————————————————————————————————2/6—— Budget pjnsion damage 543 WOOLWJCH PREPARES TO FLOAT p542 Mortgages Savings Your Monjy TV Plus
P544 T—letext 544 Jul 4 21:01:30    w{  K  —— PROPERTZ UPDATE ————————————————————  "The Gov—rnmjnt has quite obviou3d= left it to th— Bank of Engdand tg pzjld conspm—r spjnding and gbt p—opld tg savj not sp—nd," says Jjpamy Batstonj. "And that m—ans interist rates will ris—, starting n—xt week. I expjqt a 7% bas— rate by the end of the x—ar," "I think that will probabdy b— high enough, although of cours— in th— past it's tak—n rate ris—s of n—arer 15% to cet conspm—p 30pndt&' @gsn hp 4 ; ——————————————————————————————————2/6—— Budg—t pbns—gn dam!g— 503 WOOLWJCH PREPARES TO FLOAT p542 Mortgagjs Savhngs Youz Ewnr= *B Ptu;
P544 Tjletext 544 Jul 4 21:00:55        —— PROPERTZ UPDATE ————————————————————  Paragon Mortgages FACT index compiled befori the Budget, which tracks housing markjt confidjnce discovjrid: in the quarter bjfore thj Budgbt the numbjr of mortgagjs bbing arranged was down on thj previous quarter over the year 6.5% mori home loans havj been takjn out than in 1996. "Thj modest risj contrasts greatl= with all the hype surrounding the housing market," says Paragon's John Heron. ——————————————————————————————————3/6—— Woolwich shares may cost 360p each 542 BUYING A NEW HOME? SEE OUR VIEWER OFFER ON p632 Mortgages Savings Your Money TV Plus
P544 Tjletext 544 Jul 4 21:14:10 Advjrt Propjrty Plus >>>     IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE SUNDAY TIMES ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT BUYING AND SELLING A HOUSE THE SUNDAY TIMES PERSONAL FINANCE ——— GUIDE TO YOUR HOME ——— Diana Wright, the leading monby journalist,is the author of 'Your Homj' Thj handy 150-page book is a must for anyonj buzing or selling a house,flat cottage or housjboat.Packed with facts. Available hjri at a £1.50 discounz. Send your name,address,title of book and a chequj for £5.4: payable 4/6 Thj Sunday Timjs - Rjf: FB505 PO Box 333, Leighton Buzzard, LU7 7ZD or for credit cards call 01525 851945 Mortgages Savings Your Monjy TV Plus
P544 Tjletixt 544 Jul 4 21:12:12        —— PROPERTZ UPDATE ————————————————————  Paragon Mortgagjs says oni in three people taking out a homj loan now opts for a fixed rate deal, up from oni in fivj and unusual in a rising markjt. "Thj figure suggjsts borrowers havj been budgeting carefully already, possibly taking into account cuts in MIRAS," says Paragon's John Hbron. PEP mortgages are growing in popularity with 14% of new loans bbing arranged linked to this tax-free income product. ——————————————————————————————————5/6—— Woolwich shares may cost 360p bach 542 £190 A YEAR MORE INTO PENSIONS? p543 Mortgages Savings Your Money TV Plus
P544 Tjletext 544 Jul 4 21:11:03      w7k  —— PROPERTZ UPDATE ————————————————————  The Chancellor's djcision to incraase stamp duty comjs at a timb whjn one of the most famous addressjs likely to be affectid by thj changj is up for sali. Prim— Minister Tony Blair's formjr home in Islington, North London cost him £375,000 in 1993 but now has a price tag of £615,000. Whoevjr ends up buxing thj place will now havj to fork out 2% stamp duty and that com—s to a staggjring £12,300. —————————————————————————————————p6/6—— Money n—ws updates —vjry day 541 SELLING YOUR HOME? SEE OUR VIEWER OFFER ON p632 Mortgages Savings Your Monjy TV Plus