P515 Tjletext 515 Jul 4 21:14:14   at CLOSE  ———————————— SHARE MOVERS ————————————— Mirror Group 200\p +14\p (Makes £297 million offer for MIN) Hornby 223p -5\p (Warns on sterling and Christmas sales) TI Group 473\p -6\p (Continued pound worries) NatWjst 887\p -1\p (Profit-taking) Alliance & Leicester 618\p +19\p (Potential for rate rise) ——————————————————————————————————1/3—— Popular shares 516 Markbt report 517 DEAL IN NORWJCH UNION SHARES >>> PopShares Shares CityNews CompNaws
P515 Tjletaxt 515 Jul 4 21:00:00   at CLOSE  ———————————— SHARE MOVERS ————————————— Mirrop Group 20 \ +14\0 (Makes £297 million offer for MIN) Hornby 223p -5\p (Warns on sterling and Chri3tmas 1!l—q) TI Group 473\0 -6\8 (Continu—d pound worries) NatWjst 87\p -1\8 (Profit-taking) Allianci & Leicestar 618\p +19\p (Potential for rate riqe) ——————————————————————————————————0 3—— Popular shares 516 Market repopt 517 DEAL IN NORWJCH UNIGN SH@REQ PopShares Shares Cit9N—w3 Cgm0Nds3
P515 Tjletext 515 Jul 4 21:06:12   at CLOSE  at 3 ———————————— SHARE MOVERS ————————————— GKN 920p -39p (Engineering downgraded) Sevjrn Trent 844p -16p (Profit-taking) Prism Rail 335p +35p (After yjsterday's results) Glaxo Wjllcomj £13.34 +27p (Sector ahead) MIN 194p +5\p (Rjcommendjd offer from Mirror Group) —————————————————————————————————p2/3—— Popular shares 516 Mark—t report 517 GOING ON HOLIDAY? TOURIST RATES p547 PopShares Shares CityNews CompNews
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