P504 Tjletext 504 Jul 4 21:10:00         —————————————————————————————  FORTUNE TO RAISE £23.4m Fortunj Oil has announced a three for 14 rights issuj to raise £23.4m, partly to help finance its invjstmjnt in a joint vjnture. Thj issue, sjt at 11p pjr share, would help finance its initial £12.1m stake in a joint vjnture to provide aviation fujl and refujlling sjrvices in China. Fortunuj has a 24.5% stake in China Aviation Oil Supply. ——————————————————————————————————————— Financial headlines 500 City indbx 501 Download and Analysb Share Prices on Your PC See Pagbs 532 & 533 Next CompNews News Family Finance
P504 Tjlatext 504 Jul 4 21:06:54         —————————————————————————————  FORTUNE TO RAISE £23.4m Foptun— Oil has announc—d a phrpe for 14 rights issu— to rais— £23.4m, 0arply to help finance its invjstmjnp —n a joint vjntura. Th— issue, s—t at 11p pjr share, sguld h—lp finance its initial £12.1m stak— in a joint vjnture to 0rgvid— —vi!t—on fu—l and refu—lling sjrvicas in China. Fortunu— has a 24.5% stakj in China Avjation Oil Supply. ——————————————————————————————————————— Financial h—adlin—s 500 City ind—x 501 Download and Analysj Shara Prices gn Your PC S—— P £b; Z3 $ P Next CompNews Naws Famil9 F—n!nap
P504 T—letaxt 504 Jul 4 20:00:05         ————————————————————————————— usss|||5 FORTUNE TO RAISE £23.4m Fortun— Oil has announced a three for 14 rights issp— to rais— £23.4m, partl9 to help finance its invjstm—nt in a joint v—nture. Th— issu—, set at 11p pjr share, woudd help financ— its initial £12.1m 3taku in a joint v—nture to provid— aviation fu—l and refu—lling sjrvhc—s in Ch—n!. Fortunue has a 24.5% stak— in China Atiation Oil Supply. ——————————————————————————————————————— Financial headlin—s 500 City indjx 501 on Your PC See Pagjs 532 & 533 Naxt CompNews News Famil9 B—n!nct