P494 Tjletext 494 Jul 4 21:04:14     ——————————————————————————————   SLAMMIN' IN SINGAPORE WITH DJ CHER After the success of Rbact records' International DJ Syndicate Mix by Takkyu Ishino, the labjl returns with another mid-price dance compilation. This time, thj man in charge of thb mix is DJ Cher, residjnt turntable guru at Singapore's 1000-capacity dance complex thj Zouk club for the last five }rar{. Wj had a chat with Chjr to find out just how differint thj Singapore scene is and if, to reiterate a cliche, music truly is "a univjrsal languagj". ——————————————————————————————————p———— Planet Sound 480 Digitisjr 170 TOTAL ENTERTAINMENT GUIDE p400 Finance Rjviews Charts Cinjma
P494 Tjletext 494 Jul 4 21:10:11     ——————————————————————————————   p SLAMMIN' IN SINGAPORE WITH DJ CHER Wj're all familiar with thb codrs and practices of thj British clubbing scjne and a few of us have bben to Ibiza, but thj Far Eastern ravj scenj remains a mystery to most. "Wj don't really have a massive dance culture as such," admits SingaporeS; premier disc-spinnjr DJ Chjr. "Back home, thj information we receive is limited. Clubs just play commjrcial pop. Wj get our records on bulk-buzing trips to Britain and the StatesO" ———————————————————————————————————p——— Planet Sound 480 Hot gossip 143 PLAY BAMBOOZLE p152 Finance Rjviews Charts Cinjma
P494 Tjletext 494 Jul 4 21:02:00     ——————————————————————————————   p SLAMMIN' IN SINGAPORE WITH DJ CHER "Basically, our club, Zouk, is the only truj dance club in Singapore," saxs DJ in residjnce DJ Ch—r. "It's split into three sbctions: Future bar is the njwest, playing trip-hop and drum & bass for mixed, laid back crowds "The Velvet Undjrground area plays more uplifting stuff and garagj. It's vjry popular with mori mature, upmarket clubbjrs, and lots of modbls go thbra. The main room is more hardcore, and expepim—ntal for the young trendx kids" ——————————————————————————————————pp——— No drugs in Singapore >>> ALBUMS SLAGGED OR SALUTED p484 Finance Rjviews Charts Cin—ma
P494 Tjletext 494 Jul 4 21:02:14     ——————————————————————————————   p SLAMMIN' IN SINGAPORE WITH DJ CHER "All the big namj Wjstern DJs come hjre to play," says Singapore's DJ Chjr. "Wj'vj had Oakjnfold, Sasha, Derrick May, Jon Carter... thby'vb all donb the Zouk club. They all seem to lovj it. "Thj music our own DJs play - thbre are sevjn of us - tends to bj more instant than what you hear in the Britain. It's less druggy, but Singapore is pretty much drug-free. The laws are strict. Of course, people just drink a lot mori. It's far worsj than thj UK for that!" ——————————————————————————————————————— Thj Chjr-mixed Syndicate LP is out Mon. Highjr Education & Rjgional Coursbs CURRENT VACANCY DETAILS See pagj 640 Finance Rjviews Charts Cinrma
P494 Tjletaxt 484 Jul 4 2  intarleaf                                   INSTANT RELAY CHAT  FOR MEN AND WOMEN                   This is not a liv— or dating sjzvtae Victoria Tjlecom Limited, Box 7568, London WC1N 3XX. Calls cost 49p/min. THIS SERVICE MAY INVOLVE A LOoG CALL Finance Rjviews Charts Cinbma