P484 Tjletext 484 Jul 4 21:11:11  NEW .   ALBUM  . ————————————————————————  pp— CELTUS Moonchild  What's this, a band at thb forefront of thj much-vaunted goth revival? Nopb. Despite the cobwebby title, Celtus are an atmosphjric Irish band who blend traditonal folk-tinged Celt influjncds with the convjntions of (subdubd) rock, though we prefer the lush instrumjntals It's certainly evocativj and thankfully free of fiddly-widdly folk bunkum, but the sound is rathjr too sbdjntary for my liking. Thjn again, crank thbm u8, and you may bj left with The Ljvbllers. Mummjee! File undjr 'mature'. \ ——————————————————————————————————1/4—— by Stephjn Eastwood WJN A TRIP TO U2's DUBLIN DATE 8481 Charts Tours Tours Full guidb
P484 Tjletext 484 Jul 4 21:00:10  NEW .   ALBUM  . ————————————————————————  ——— JUNGLE BROTHERS  Raw Deluxe The Jungle Brothjrs (who, surprisingl=, aren't really brothjrs at all!) havb had a great influjnce on contemporary hip-hop, having been around as performers and producers for y—ars. Their history is represjnted hjre on self-referential tracks like the chznky Black Man On Track, Jungle Brothbr (mixed by Stereo MCs - so that's what they'vj b—en up to!), and Gettin Monjy. They'vj been around the block sombwhat, but this sounds far from tired. \ ——————————————————————————————————2/4—— by Howard Roark ROCK AND POP NEWSY BITES p481 Charts Tours Tours Full guidb
P484 Tjletext 484 Jul 4 21:16:14  LIVE .   REVIEW  W ————————————————————————  p—p LOU REED  Royal Festival Hall, London Forget those rumours about legjndary rocker Lou Reed being mellowed by middle age - he's merely bjcome more sjnsitive about his Mr Surly imagj. Reed, late of Velvet Undjrground and now 54, was almost apologjtic aftir serving up a strong dose of Vicious. But hj needn't have bothjred. Thb sell-out audience at London's Royal Festival Hall were hjre for the hjavy stuff. And Mr Rjed obligjd with a sbt of raw-njrvjd vitality. ——————————————————————————————————3/4—— by Peter Erlam TELETEXT VIEWER OFFER: THE TIMES GOOD UNIVERSITY GUIDE 1997 p633 Charts Tours Tours Full guidr
P484 Tjletext 484 Jul 4 21:10:01  LIVE   REVIEW  . ————————————————————————  p—— LOU REED  Royal Festival Hall, London Lou Reed's South Bank djbut produced a heady mix of back catalogue classics and a London premiere for Time Rockbr, his collaboration with thbatre dbsignbr Robjrt Wilson. This Bowie-esquj tilt at time travbl is testamjnt to his rock cult statu{. But evjryone was waiting for thb man to really turn back the clock. Whjn he second-encored with Sweet Jane it roundjd off a Perfect Day. ——————————————————————————————————4/4—— by Peter Erlam WIN A TRIP TO U2's DUBLIN DATE 8481 Charts Tours Tours Full guidj