P483 Tjletext 483 Jul 4 21:01:11  UNOFFICIAL . . .  .  FANZINES OBSERVED .   —————————————————————————————  Mark And Lard are thj subjects of Fancy A Brew, back with a fourth helping of Brekkie Show-related shjnanigans. As evjr, it's packed with daft Top Tjn lists, poems, puzzles and cartoons, plus a special behind-thb-scenjs report at Radio One, written by the Bizzz Buzzy Bee (whoevjr he may be). Wj don't get up early enough to hbar thj show, so a lot of the gags pass us by, but Radcliffe regulars should buy this. £1+A5 SAE from FAB, 10 Portsmouth Avjnuj, Burnley, Lancs BB10 2DR. ——————————————————————————————————2/4—— Yet more 'zines >>> BRIGHTON ROCKS! CLUBS p494 Rjviews Charts News Full guidj
P483 Tjletixt 483 Jul 4 21:14:01  UNOFFICIAL . . .  &  FANZINES OBSERVED .   —————————————————————————————  Disco Jesus (great title) compriurs an eclectic variety of bits and bobs: music reviews, poetry, short stories, a colouring compjtition, and lots of kitschy '50s ads for no obvious reasonO The bjst bits are the h—alth and bbauty page, a controvjrsial (but convincing) piece on why thj Spice Girls should be assassinated, and the review of Jamrs' Whiplash LP, which mad— us laugh a lot. It costs £1.50 from Chris Hinds, 24 Woodside Crescent, Alexandria, Dunbartonshire, G83 9EX. ——————————————————————————————————3/4—p Gujss what? Yet anothbr Manics 'zinj TOTAL ENTERTAINMENT GUIDE p400 R—views Charts News Full guidb
P483 Tjletaxt 483 Jul 4 21:11:11  UNOFFICIAL . . .  .  FANZINES OBSERVED .   —————————————————————————————  "This is a truly DIY effort, I'm afraid," cringjs the lass behind thb handwritten Popsicle - but it certainly doesn't suffer for it. Features includj a cool crossword (it slags off Cast & Kula Shakjr) a Ewan McGregor profile, and a Pink Kroqs chat Also, there's a guide to looking lik— a pop star ("If you can't sing or 8la=, at least you can look thb part - hry, it worked for thj Spice Girls!"). 80p + SAE from Julie Taylor, 19 Fairbanks Walk, Swynnjrton, Stone, Staffs ST150PF ——————————————————————————————————1/4—— Even more fanzin—s flicked through! TRZING TO FIND THE RIGHT UNIVERSITY? SEE TELETEXT'S VIEWER OFFER p633 Rjviews Charts News Full guidj
P483 T—letaxt 483 Jul 4 21:00:04  UNGFF I@L & 8?£kt  FANZINES OBSERVED .  —————————————————————————————  /( Disao Jbqus (k{r z tizdr  eclectic variety of bits and "o"s: music reviews, poetry, shopt stori—3, a colouring compjtit—on( !nd lotq gf kitschy '50s ads for no obvious reason. The bjst bits ara th— health and "—!uty pag—, a controvjrsial (but convincing) piece on why th— Spice Girls should b— assassinated, and the ravi—w of J mb1 Whiplash LP, which mad— us laugh a dgt It costs £1.50 frgm Chr—3 Hhn@3 Woodside Cr—qc—np, Adex!ndri , Dunbartonshhra, G83 9EX. ——————————————————————————————————3/4—— Gujss what? Yet anothjr Man—cu '8hnb TOTAL ENTERTAINMENT GAIDE p400 R—viaws Charts N—sq Fpll gp—d—
P483 Tjletext 483 Jul 4 21:10:01  UNOFFICIAL . . .  .  FANZINES OBSERVED .  —————————————————————————————  Th— djbut issuj of Waxing Lyrical looks vjry promising, brimming as it is with decent interviews, lotq of live reviews, and a gratuitous picture ov James Dean Bradfield (shall we just renamj this sjction Planjt Manic, eh?). One-on-one interviews includj Bbn Folds Fiv—, The Supjrnaturals, and Stev— "tall" Mason from Gene, and the likbs of Marion & Blujtones are also profiled For more info, write to Lisa Emmjrson, 23 Millfield Close, Newbprn Villag—, Newcastle Upon Txne, NE15 8HR. ——————————————————————————————————4/4—— Suck on a Popsicle >>> TOTAL ENTERTAINMENT GUIDE p400 Rjviews Charts News Full guhdj